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Good News, Moms: Drinking Coffee Could Make Up for Your Nightly Bottle of Wine

It’s no secret there are lots of pros to drinking coffee: It’s loaded with antioxidants, it boosts your energy levels, and (perhaps best of all) it helps you function like a normal human being at work, even if you spent much of the night up with a toddler who just wouldn’t go to sleep.

Coffee is a glorious, glorious thing, and we should all bow down to its magical powers.

But now here’s one more perk to add to its growing list of benefits: Coffee could help reduce your risk of cirrhosis of the liver, too. According to researchers at the University of Southampton, they recently dug through 2,000 studies on the topic and found that in a group of 432,133 test subjects, those who drank more java each day were prone to lower rates of the liver condition. Even better, you don’t have to start chugging a whole pot of coffee to reap the benefits — study authors claim that merely upping your daily intake by two cups could cut your risk of cirrhosis by a sizable 44 percent.

As for why exactly, no one’s really sure. Researchers do have one theory, though: It could have something to do with coffee’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sounds good to me.

And when you throw in the fact that coffee is like kryptonite to hangovers — something I have researched extensively myself — it’s an even bigger winning combo than we realized. I mean, you’re basically undoing potential damage and curing your hangover at the same time. Does it get any more beautiful than that? (The answer is no; no it does not.)

According to the Mayo Clinic, cirrhosis is “a late stage of scarring of the liver caused by many forms of liver diseases and conditions, such as hepatitis and chronic alcohol abuse.” The liver itself is pretty vital, carrying out a host of important jobs within the body, like detoxifying harmful substances, cleaning your blood, and creating nutrients. So yeah, reversing any damage you may be causing it by knocking back a glass bottle while catching up on Real Housewives is like an accidental gift we didn’t even know we could give ourselves.

As with all studies, the authors behind it admit there’s still a lot of research left to be done. “We now need robust clinical trials to investigate the wider benefits and harms of coffee so that doctors can make specific recommendations to patients,” wrote Dr. O.J. Kennedy, the study’s lead author, in his analysis.

But considering another similar study back in 2006 turned up the very same thing — in that case finding that just one cup of Joe a day helps your liver — I for one am psyched at this news.

Now if you’ll excuse meI believe there’s some Pinot that’s calling my name …

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