Facial Recognition: Another Way That Women are Superior

Yet another way that women are superior - facial recognitionAre you one of those people who never forget a face or are you someone who has more difficulty recognizing people?  A new study shows that chances are that if you are female, you are in the first camp with those who more easily recognize others.

Women look at new faces in a way that creates a more thorough recall of faces.  We do this by quickly and subconsciously studying facial features far more than men.

Ladies, feel free to pat yourself on the shoulder.

Participants in the study were shown a series of faces on a computer screen and were asked to remember them.  Eye tracking technology was used to determine how the participants visually absorbed the faces.  It turns out that the way we move our eyes across a new individual’s face affects our ability to recognize that individual later. 

So, why is this information important?  The results of the study may be helpful for teaching those who are elderly or those with cognitive issues how to improve their facial recognition.  Taking it one step further, it is possible that we can learn to scan more with our eyes and therefore potentially have better recall.  Since scanning is something we do subconsciously, more research has to be done to see if we can incorporate this practice regularly. 

For now let’s just say it is yet another reason why women are superior to men.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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