8 Valentine’s Day Themed Workouts to Get Your Heart Pumping

I know most people tend to really focus on and ramp up their workouts when it comes to holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July because those are unofficial benchmarks for summer and showing off some skin. Something benign like Valentine’s Day, wedged between cold and more cold pretty much anywhere you live on this half of the world, rarely gets an attention for fitness and working out. But I think it’s the perfect holiday for giving yourself the gift of exercise. It’s above love and all that mushy stuff, and what’s better than self-love? Taking care of yourself instead of just your kids or spouse for once. But just in case you’re not into the love-your-body, love-yourself stuff, it’s still a-OK to put emphasis on the physical side of things. Like the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter.

Here are 8 Valentine’s Day themed workouts 8 eight different fitness bloggers. The kind of bloggers that can say “been there, done that,” not just “do this!”

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    valentine's day workouts
  • Bootie Lovin’ Workout 2 of 9

    Give your booty some love via a butt-kicking workout from Andrea, a fitness instructor and cancer survivor from From Florida to North Dakota.

  • Kettlebell HIIT 3 of 9

    I love kettlebells, I love HIIT workouts, and I love Fitness Cheerleader. Janice squeezes all my loves into one with this high intensity interval training (HIIT) kettlebell workout. Give it a try yourself!

  • Workout for My Valentine 4 of 9

    This one is for my valentine and from Valerie at Busy Mom Gets Fit. If a mom of four can find the time to do, so can you. By you, I mean me. 

  • Just Abs 5 of 9

    Show your abs some love with this workout from Maggie of Real Life Maggie.

  • Sweetheart Workout 6 of 9

    Give love to your abs and your lower body with this Eat Sweat Sing workout this Valentine's Day - or any day!

  • Valentine’s Tabata 7 of 9

    Tabatas are where it's at this year. This heart-pumping tabata workout from My Healthy Happy Home will get you revved up for V-day for sure.

  • Red Hot Workout 8 of 9

    Don't let the word "fried" fool you. The fried in this Southern Fried Fitness workout is what you'll be when you're done!

  • Circuit Workout 9 of 9

    Here's a great all-around circuit workout from the trustworthy trio at The Not Quite It Girls.

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