How to Get Your Holiday Calorie Burn On

How to Get Your Holiday Calorie Burn OnAt this point in the year, many of us are thrilled if we could just make it through the rest of the holiday season without gaining too much weight. Between the holiday parties, delicious baked goods, and a toast (or three) to the year ahead, it is hard to make it to the other side of the new year without packing on a few.

Every year I go on a hunt for my holiday season favorite, the gingerbread man. He has to be perfect. Not too crunchy. Not too soft. Not too sweet. Not too spicy. The problem arises when I have to taste test several in order to find that one satisfying, perfect gingerbread cookie. Let’s just say that I am already feeling the annual holiday calorie intake skyrocket and we have a couple of weeks left to go.

Here are a few little ways you can burn a few extra calories and keep your butt looking fine in those velvet pants during the holidays:

* Take the stairs in the department store instead of the elevator or escalator.

* Park your car further away from the entrance to the store.

* Don’t let your spouse shovel the snow or hire someone to help. You don’t need no stinking help. Do it yourself and feel the burn!

* Get ready for guests. Clean the house, vacuum, mop, change the sheets and all the while think about the extra calories you are burning. According to the calculator on, a 140 lb woman who vacuums for 30 minutes can burn about 115 calories.

* Decorate. Decorate. Decorate. Every time you climb on and off the ladder to put ornaments on the tree you are burning more calories.

* Get down and play with those kiddos you haven’t seen in a while. You will make memories and burn calories at the same time.

* Dancing at the holiday party? Burn it up, baby. The folks at Harvard Medical School say that a 125 pound person can burn about 165 calories during 30 minutes of dancing.

* Guests are gone? Sounds like it is time to clean up and put everything away in its rightful place. Darn it. More calories burned.

As you go through the rest of the holiday season, simply remember the math of calories in versus calories out. Happy holiday burn!


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