12 Kid-Inspired Work Out Routines {for Grown Ups!}

Work out routines don’t have to be boring! Who says you can’t embrace your inner child and have a little fun with your exercise routine this summer? Recruit your kids to join you, or just look to them for inspiration and give some of these child-like workouts a try.

You can even go the other way around and get your kids excited about exercise by making it fun – for all of you!

  • Inner-Child Workouts 1 of 13

    It's okay to act like a kid sometimes - especially when it's good for your health.


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  • Hopscotch 2 of 13

    Break out the sidewalk chalk and play some hopscotch.


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  • Hula hooping 3 of 13

    Get those hips moving and work those abs - grab a hula hoop and get twisting.


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  • Jumping rope 4 of 13

    Jumping rope sounds easy but it can be a hard-core workout if you keep at it. An hour of jump roping can burn over 500 calories!


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  • Swim 5 of 13

    Go swimming! Don't just sit on the side watching the kids, hop on in and make a splash with them. Tossing them in the air is a good shoulder workout or try some of these pool exercises. You can always opt for swimming laps or having races with the kids too. Moderate swimming can burn 300 calories in an hour.


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  • Monkey bars 6 of 13

    Remember when scaling across the monkey bars was no big deal? Try it now that you weigh more than 30 pounds. What a shoulder work out!


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  • Kickball 7 of 13

    Grab a ball and recruit a crowd to drum up a game of kickball. Run - don't walk - to home plate!


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  • Tag 8 of 13

    Need to entertain a bunch of kids at once and still haven't got your workout in for the day? Play tag! The options are endless: freeze tag, plain-old chase, amoeba tag, stoplight tag, red rover... I'm sure the kids can fill you in on the rules.


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  • Ride bikes 9 of 13

    Strap on some helmets and hop your bikes. It's a fun way to check out the scenery, get moving, and enjoy a little breeze as you zoom down the hills.


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  • Skip-it 10 of 13

    You might have to be an '80s child to remember this one, but I bet you could still find one in stores: Skip It! You could always make a home version with some rope, a tennis ball, and some duct tape - get the kids to be creative. (For those of you not lucky enough to have spent countless hours playing Skip It as a kid, it's essentially a rope you string around your ankle with a ball on the end. You swing the ball around and jump over the rope as it crosses in front of the other foot.)


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  • Trampoline 11 of 13

    Not only is it a blast, jumping on the trampoline can be quite the heart-pumper. No doubt your kids will love having you join them too.


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  • Volleyball 12 of 13

    Headed to the beach? Grab a volleyball. You can even set up a court in the grass. Badminton and tennis are great options too.


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  • Dance 13 of 13
    kids dancing

    Maybe my favorite kid-like workout of all: throw a dance party! Stop and shake it whenever, where ever. Even my 18-month-old loves a good living room dance party. It's easy, it's free, and you don't need any equipment to get down and boogie.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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