Miles to Money: Charity Running App

mizuno baton running app
Turn miles into money with this “digital baton” charity running app.
Photo credit: Mizuno, IfEverybodyRan.com

Have you seen the commercial that shows all the smartphone apps being used in different amazing fitness settings? I usually ignore commercials but my husband and I both stopped and looked at each other when we first saw this one. Not because it was some jaw-dropping advertisement, but because we realized how truly amazing these everyday devices are. What used to just be a phone and then a text message machine, can now be a pedometer, a GPS, a training device, and more.

There are literally hundreds of fitness apps out there now. While each is incredible and useful in its own way (I know my phone storage is full because of them), my favorite ones are the ones that not only track your progress, but also do something to give back at the same time. Like Mizuno’s pass the baton app that donates a dollar for every mile logged to the charity Back on My Feet. The app is a “digital baton” that you can use for a week and then “pass on” to another runner through social media. How cool is that? Brings me back to my track relay days.

Back on My Feet is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless individuals improve the way they view themselves so they can make positive progress. It’s a great pairing for a running program in light of the personal transformation — both mentally and physically — running can provide. The infographic pictured here gives you a better idea of the impact the program makes.

The campaign, which is live until near the end of August, is part of their “If Everybody Ran” program that I’ve written about previously. If you haven’t checked that out, you should. It gives you a little something to think about besides just running to look good in a bikini. If you’re training for a Fourth of July 5K or a fall marathon, this would be a great way to put those training miles to good use! You know, besides the actual benefits of training for a race.

Do you know of any other apps that are great for runners?  Let us know!

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