Mind Your Calories Today, Broncos Fans!

Why Broncos fans should mind their calories.For football fans everywhere and for those who just watched the commercials, today is like Water Cooler Monday. We will be chit-chatting about everything from the anthem to the halftime show. Oh yeah, there was a game played last night too. If you want to call it that. To me it seemed more like a little kid teasing a puppy, dangling its favorite toy in the air so the puppy will jump to try and reach it.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and their fans on a game well played. While nobody expected such a one-sided affair, the better team won last night for sure. As my seven year old said, “The Seahawks must have gotten a really good night’s sleep before the game.”

My condolences to the fine folks of Denver and to Broncos fans everywhere who may be a little down on this Water Cooler Monday. As you go over the plays in your head and what could have swung the final score towards your team’s favor, keep an eye on your calorie intake today. Research shows that Mondays are not just for post-game analysis around the water cooler. On the Monday following a big Sunday football game, fans of the losing team eat about 16% more saturated fat compared to a typical Monday.

As if the calories consumed on the day of the Big Game were not enough. On Mondays during football season, fans of the winning team are more likely to opt for healthier foods while fans of the losing team have a tendency to load up on saturated fats and sugars. So, Seattle fans, not only are you the proud owners of one year’s worth of bragging rights, you will consume about 9% less saturated fat today than you would on a typical Monday. You lucky people, you.

The trend towards consuming more on the day after a big loss is even more evident when the loss is so unexpected. (I would say that last night’s thrashing certainly counts as unexpected.) It is our subconscious way of mourning the loss. Those of you in Colorado and Omaha, think fruits and vegetables today. Sure, after last night you might feel like you deserve that muffin this morning. I repeat. Step away from the muffins and let today be all about healthy fruits and vegetables.

As for the rest of us football fans, today we will enter our annual state of withdrawal. More snow in the Northeast and no more football until autumn. Personally I am not sure which one is the wound and which one is the dagger.

So long, Pigskins. We will see you again in September.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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