Forget #fatshamingweek: My Top 8 Body Confidence Moments as a Mom

Sometimes I love the internet. You can Google any malady and know you’re not alone. You can get inspired or be entertained reading dozens of articles about the Breaking Bad finale (not that I did that or anything). You can recycle your phone book upon receiving it on your front porch to make room on your shelf for more important things, because anything you need to know can be found on the internet with a few clicks.

And sometimes I hate the internet. Like when trolls viciously spew negativity for no reason. And when people start twitter hashtags like #fatshamingweek. Or when those who start stupid hashtags like that needlessly pick on people online.

But, it seems like good often prevails in situations like this, as there are awesome retorts to this ridiculous idea and those who are taking a low internet moment and bringing the positivity by declaring it #BodyConfidenceWeek instead. As moms, as women, as people going through life, our bodies change a lot. We gain weight, we lose weight. But we all need reminders now and then to love our bodies for all that they are, and this was my reminder. So to support the idea, I’m sharing my favorite body confidence moments—moments when I absolutely loved my body without hesitation. Share your own to help kick this #fatshamingweek idea to the curb.

  • My Top 8 Body Confidence Moments 1 of 9

    I'm kicking body negativity to the curve and embracing body confidence this week. Read on for my top 8 body confidence moments.

  • Pregnancy 2 of 9

    When I was pregnant I felt awesome. (That's me at about 32 weeks with my second.) And no, I didn't feel awesome all the time physically, because of heartburn, pelvic pain, constant urination and fatigue, but confidence-wise? I felt like I could conquer the world. Sure, towards the end people were visibly taken aback by my girth a few times, but it didn't matter: I was woman, I had grown a child, hear me roar.

  • Giving Birth 3 of 9

    I'd been planning on having a natural childbirth with my first, and good thing: She came so quickly that I wouldn't have had any other choice. I was absolutely one of those moms you see in the movies, needing to push as I "pregnant sprinted" down the hall to the delivery room. I was a bit flabbergasted by the whole first experience, to put it mildly, but my second baby took his time a little and let me do it naturally without the shock factor. And after I had him? I felt like I could do anything. My body had done this amazing thing, and I was in awe.


    Photo credit: jamesbrandon, Flickr

  • Running A 10K 4 of 9

    I don't consider myself much of a distance runner, but running my first 10K last year made me so proud of myself and what my body could accomplish. I had trained and battled through a hurt knee, so it felt pretty awesome when I crossed that finish line feeling good. (That's me, second from right and very proud of my medal!)

  • Completing A Tough Mudder 5 of 9

    I finished my Tough Mudder (yep, that's muddy me!) over the weekend, and it was the second-most challenging physical feat I've ever accomplished (childbirth still wins). Sure there were obstacles I couldn't complete, but I tried all of them and damn, I was pretty amazed at what I was able to do. I ran more than 10 miles, scaled walls, swam through ice water and pulled myself through muddy trenches. I'm super proud of my powerful bod, scrapes, bruises and all!

  • Doing Crow Pose The First Time 6 of 9

    A few years back, I did a yoga workout DVD that had me attempt to do crow pose. Crow pose takes a ton of strength, core and otherwise, and an insane amount of balance. Any attempt I made was a colossal failure. But I kept trying, and I kept training. And amazingly, one day I did it. Now, I can't do it today, but that feeling of accomplishment has stuck with me, and I still feel impressed at what my body can do when I put my mind to it.

  • When I’m Sore After A Workout 7 of 9

    I love being sore after a good solid workout. It's like my body's secret way of telling me I'm getting stronger. I'll never look like the woman pictured above, but being sore? It makes me feel like I could. It also makes me feel super accomplished, and in turn, way confident about my body.


    Photo credit: greg westfall., Flickr

  • When I Carry Both Kids 8 of 9

    I often haul my kids to the gym so that I can fit in a quick workout while they enjoy supervised play in the gym daycare. (It's easier than trying to do push-ups and planks with two kids climbing on me.) But sometimes, on the way back to the car, little people get cranky. One will bonk a head while the other trips and falls, and then I've got two crying kiddos who need comforting. How do I cope? By scooping both of them up, plucking them on opposite hips and racing back to the car. It's a workout after my workout, and it makes me feel like supermom!

  • When I Think I Have A Few Pounds To Lose 9 of 9

    …and then I remember all my body has done and continues to do and that I'm too busy living my life to worry about what the scale says.


    Photo credit: HeavyWeightGeek, Flickr

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