There’s a Period-Themed Board Game, and Our Ovaries Are Hurting Just Thinking About It

Image source: Vimeo / Daniela Gilsanz
Image source: Vimeo / Daniela Gilsanz

Getting your period for the first time can be pretty traumatizing if you don’t know what’s going on. While we know how important it is to talk about womanly changes with your girls, we never thought we’d be adding it into the Family Game Night line-up.

Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy are taking the board game world by storm (if there even is such a thing) with their new creation: The Period Game. As you can guess, the game is themed entirely around periods. While we certainly appreciate that this game is designed to educate young people about menstruation, we’re a little puzzled by turning that “time of the month” into a competition.

The ultimate goal of creating the game, the creators tell Metro, was to end the taboo of talking about periods. “We hope that the game makes girls feel OK about their period at an early age. Also, that it’s OK to ask questions, and OK to talk about ‘awkward’ things. We also hope that it can teach boys too, because at that age we should all be more aware of what the other gender is going through.”

Image source: Period Game
Image source: Period Game

So how does one actually go about playing The Period Game? For starters, players have to choose between a menstrual cup, a tampon, a pad, or tiny underwear for their game piece. Eek. Next each player will spin the ovaries to reveal either a clear marble or a red one. Is anyone else feeling a little crampy?theperiodgamecards

You can’t start the game until you get a red marble, AKA start your period. The board follows the cycle of the period, with challenges like PMS and leaking underwear. Make it all the way around the board first to be a self-proclaimed period professional.

We’re all about how this can potentially help kids learn about menstruation, but we’re admittedly getting a bit queasy. I think we’ll stick to Monopoly for now, it’s a little bit easier to fight to claim the thimble as our game piece rather than a pad.

The creators are still looking for partners to help them mass-produce this game. If interested, visit their website: The Period Game.

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