Avoid Cabin Fever with These 7 At-Home Workouts

Raise your hand if you got cabin fever last week.

If your hand’s not raised, I’m guessing you don’t live on the East Coast. That doozy of a snowstorm left us trapped at home for the better part of four days. Living in North Carolina has been a big adjustment when it comes to winter weather. In Maryland, we mostly continued about our regularly scheduled lives when it snowed. In the south, everything shuts down. It’s not because they’re wimps (ok, kind of) but because southern cities aren’t prepared for any serious snow removal operations. We often joke we have one plow in our county and consider yourself lucky if it makes it to your neighborhood before the snow melts.

Anyway, we were stuck inside for most of last week, and the toddler wasn’t the only one going stir-crazy. Our gym was shut down for a couple of days, but even had it been open, I couldn’t have made it there with a toddler in tow. That meant it was at-home workout time, but I made one big mistake: I wasn’t prepared.

This sudden heat-wave (70 degrees is a heatwave in February, right?) means there’s bound to be another snowstorm on the horizon. That’s how Mother Nature works — she’s one big tease. So next time we get stuck inside for bad weather, toddler illness, or any other reason, I’m ready. I’ve got these little-to-no equipment workouts in my back corner, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Feel free to bookmark them so you don’t go crazy with cabin fever during the next snowpocalypse either.

  • Snowed-In Workouts 1 of 8

    Don't get stuck without a workout next time it snows. Instead, give one of these seven tough workouts a try!

  • Resistance Band Workout 2 of 8

    Pumps and Iron has full lower body workout for you using solely a resistance band, one of the smallest and cheapest pieces of workout equipment you can own. Using the resistance band and body weight, you can get in a full leg set without needing to leave the house. Click through the link to see the workout in its entirety. 


    Tip: vary the intensity by using a stronger resistance band (different colors are usually different strengths). Find resistance bands here.

  • Jumping Rope 3 of 8

    This 15-minute jump rope work out from Kammie at Sensual Appeal Blog gets your heart pumping with a good cardio blast while working your leg muscles at the same time. She even throws in some planks and squats to really get your legs burning. If you don't have a jump rope, you can always pretend — you might even be able to trick the little ones into "playing" with you.

  • Upper Body Torcher 4 of 8

    I love this Upper Body Torcher from Christine at Love Life Surf. If you're yearning for more after the lower body resistance band workout, round it out with this tough upper body burner. It covers arms, shoulders, core, and more.

  • Mini Morning Workout 5 of 8

    Skinny Ms has a workout that's so quick, you can do it before you hop in the shower in the morning — or at night, if that's when you get around to it. Don't be fooled, though. Just because it's a mini workout doesn't mean it's easy! 

  • Equipment-Free Cardio 6 of 8

    Back on Pointe reminds us with this beginner cardio workout that you don't have to run or ride to get in a good cardiovascular workout. Jumps, jacks, kicks, and climbers will get the job done too. However, reading this workout I'm left wondering if this is a beginner's workout ... what am I?!

  • At-Home WOD 7 of 8

    This Crossfit at Home workout from Katrina Runs uses no equipment and has built-in competition: your stopwatch. Though it's just two moves, air squats and push ups, it's not as easy as it looks. Give it a try next time you're itching to squeeze in a workout and can't get to the gym.

  • Tabatas 8 of 8

    This tough tabata workout from Mom's Little Running Buddies will make you wish you go for an easy run instead. I love that it uses only your body weight and you don't need a ton of space to do it.

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