Spring Training: 6 Workout Routines and Fitness Challenges to Get Your Butt in Gear

As soon as Daylight Savings rolls around, we all start thinking of longer days full of sunshine and spending time outdoors. It may only be early March right now, but Spring is around the corner and before we know it, Memorial Day is here. Memorial Day to many people means beaches, bikinis, and bombshell bodies. Ok, maybe not the bombshell part. But there’s no reason you can’t start working on your summer bikini body now. Actually, if you want to see results by the time you slip into your swim suit, you have to get started now — it’s only two months away. That’ll be here sooner than we think, but it’s also plenty of time to start a fitness routine or kick your regular routine into a new gear and see results but the beginning of the summer.

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to start spring training!

6 Spring-focused Workouts and Fitness Challenges to Get Your Butt in Gear:

  • 6 Spring Training Workout Routines and Challenges 1 of 7

    Don't wait for summer to roll around to get started on your beach body — pick one of these six workouts to get your fitness routine underway today!

  • Spring Has Sprung Plyometrics 2 of 7

    FitFabCities has a fabulous full-body plyometric workout for you. Resting for just one minute in between sets will help keep your heart rate up so you get a good cardio blast, but you'll also be working your leg and core muscles for the duration of the routine. Make it even harder by decreasing your rest time as you get better and better at the routine. This one is extra great because you don't need any equipment at all — just a little space.

  • Spring Training Workout 3 of 7

    This Spring Training Workout from Anytime Fitness has it all — full-body strength and conditioning that lends inspiration from baseball's infamous spring training workouts. Anytime Fitness says, "Go through this circuit once for a single, twice for a double, three for a triple, and four times for a home run workout!" This is another great no-equipment workout. No equipment needed = no excuses allowed.

  • Spring Fitness Challenge 4 of 7

    Want to get your fitness routine started but have trouble staying on track along the way? My Fit Station has you covered with a full month's worth of fitness routines and ideas, including the ever important built-in rest days. Jump in now and follow it for the rest of the month, or make today your "day one" and do the full 31 days. Repeat it again in April or May so you don't lose your momentum.

  • Tank Top Arms 5 of 7

    Summer may be all about the bikini, but spring is all about tank tops and sundresses. Show off arms and shoulders you can be proud of with this fabulous arm workout from Steph's Bite by Bite.

  • Starter Running Plan 6 of 7

    This Simple, Calorie-Burning Starter Running Plan from Healthy Happy Downtownn is the perfect intro-to-cardio workout to start this spring. Whether you want to start running or just want a jump-start on your cardio routine, here's a week's worth of workouts to try. 

  • Spring Into Summer Morning Workout 7 of 7

    I love this morning fitness routine from GirlsGuideTo. It's simple enough to wrap your head around first thing in the morning, but tough enough to get you revved up and going for the day. I love early morning workouts — it helps to get a little bit of fitness under your belt early in the day just in case something pops up and you can't make it to the gym or to your scheduled workout. 

What’s your favorite spring workout?


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