9 Steal-Worthy Tips for a Healthier Home

You try to be as healthy as possible on a day-to-day basis. You exercise, you eat right. But have you ever thought about how your living environment affects your health? One company, Delos, has done just that, and it’s improving living spaces to improve residents’ well-being. The company places well-being and sustainability at the heart of its design and construction decisions, and its first-ever Wellness Loft in New York City features more than 75 wellness amenities and innovations. The loft is ergonomically designed and aims to improve the quality of occupants’ air, water, light, nutrition and sleep. Some of the features are obvious, and some are more subtle — and all of them promote healthy living.

If you’re not in the market for a new NYC home, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your own living arrangements. Here are a few of the awesome features of the Wellness Loft — and how you can bring the ideas to your digs for a healthier home.

  • Fresh Air 1 of 9

    In this amazing loft, the air is cleaned via a UV air sanitizer that kills airborne bacteria and a particle filter that traps allergens. If you can't afford a whole-house air filtration system, go for an affordable air purifier. Room air cleaners remove small particles in the air, which may cut down on allergens.

    Photo credit: Ryk Neethling, Flickr

  • Plant Power 2 of 9

    Large plants in this loft abound for "botanical filtration." You can easily add your own houseplants for the same effect. Incorporating certain common ornamental plants into indoor spaces has the potential to significantly improve the quality of indoor air, so try purple waffle plant, English ivy, variegated wax plant, and asparagus fern all of which have high rates for removing volatile organic compounds.

    Photo credit: Ada Be, Flickr

  • DIY Aromatherapy 3 of 9

    In the NYC loft, a programmable aromatherapy dispenser releases your preferred scent into the air. If you can't afford to mix aromatherapy and technology, try a scented candle or check out essential oils that cater to your needs.

    Photo credit: shalommama, Flickr

  • Player Piano 4 of 9

    Even the piano in the loft has a healthy intention: sound therapy. But you don't need a piano for soothing music. Try a spa channel on Pandora, or put on your favorite classical tunes.

    Photo credit: JoshSemans, Flickr

  • Kitchen Boost 5 of 9

    The kitchen and dining room in this loft have a wheatgrass shelf and juicing station to support your green-smoothie habits, and window planters full of fresh herbs ensure their availability when you need them. Exercise your green thumb and grow your own fresh herbs in a windowsill. Make your own personal juicing station to encourage your healthy smoothie habit, by keeping your blender on the countertop by your fruit bowl for easy access and easy smoothie-making.

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  • Water Wellness 6 of 9

    A high-tech sediment and and carbon filter ensures that every drop of water from the tap in the loft is pure, but you don't need to go high tech to get those same benefits. A water filter pitcher in the fridge or one connected to the tap will do the trick.

    Photo credit: sfxeric, Flickr

  • Bathroom Bonus 7 of 9

    The Wellness Loft has its own spa-like bathroom, with a steam shower, whirlpool bath, and sauna. You may not be able to do those on a budget, but you can make your shower or bath more luxurious by splurging on an expensive soap, and lighting candles while you bathe. The lights in the loft offer therapy for the blues and some even change to enhance mood or promote relaxation. Light therapy boxes that mimic natural light are commercially available for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    Photo credit: Jukk_a, Flickr

  • Sleep Zone 8 of 9

    This bedroom's acoustic-damping walls and windows keep out sirens and sidewalk shouting, and blackout shades do the same for sunlight and street lamps. Convert your bedroom to a den of zen by using a white noise machine to block out unwanted noises while you're sleeping. You can buy blackout shades on the cheap at many discount stores that will do the same trick of blocking out streetlights and moonlight.

    Photo credit: Listener42, Flickr

  • Sleepy Scents 9 of 9

    The loft's bedroom has a sleep garden with lavender and night-blooming jasmine, which release calming scents to help you drift into dreamland. If you don't have a green thumb, spritz a lavender linen spray onto your pillow before bedtime for the same effect.

    Photo credit: puliarf, Flickr


You may have to check with the pros for those floors that are made for maximum lumbar support, or the EMF shields to reduce magnetic fields, but these little tweaks to your own space can still have a positive healthy effect.

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