Virtual Training via Skype: The Next Big Fitness Trend?

There’s a hot new fitness trend on the horizon — and it’s one that just about anyone can start utilizing today.

As I’ve mentioned here before, there are many people like myself who do not attend certain classes at the gym for one reason or another. My reason is that in some classes it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable when I am always one step off pace. Instead, I prefer classes like spinning, where everyone can get an awesome workout at their own pace without anyone knowing or tripping over one another.

Still, I would venture to bet that people who work out with other people or with a trainer tend to burn more calories than those who work out alone, due to the accountability of having someone there who is keeping an eye on your form and intensity. Studies show that when people exercise in groups they have higher endorphin levels, which increases our pain threshold allowing for a more intense workout.

Now you can attend a class or do a training session without leaving your home or even walking away from your laptop. So, what is this hot new fitness trend? It is called Skypercise.

Think of it like a virtual gym. Personal trainers around the country are utilizing Skype’s video calling to offer additional ways to work with clients. You can do one-one-one personal training or multi-person classes. Rumor has it that celebrity trainers and fitness elite such as Tracy Anderson and Mandy Ingber keep working with their clients via Skype even when they are on the road.

Hey, if you can keep up with family and friends via Skype, or have business meetings and brainstorming sessions via Skype, why not workout via Skype?

It is a really terrific option for those who live far from a gym, feel intimidated at the gym, or have a schedule that does not allow for time to get to one. It is even a great solution for new moms who want to get in a workout while their baby is napping. Yet would people really take advantage of it? When I surveyed a few of my friends, many of them were all for it, especially for workouts such as yoga. With this new way of working out, they simply wanted confirmation first as to whether the trainer would be able to correct any form issues to avoid any risk of injury. It seems that is the case, as long as your Skype is set up for a two-way call, your trainer will be able to see your form and correct it if needed.

You can find an online version of almost any class that interests you, or you can work out alone with a virtual trainer. It is an efficient way to get in a workout from your home or hotel room, while maintaining that feeling of accountability people get from working out with others.

Now, if only I did not have to make my basement slightly more presentable in order to get in a workout …


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