No Excuses: The Top 10 Christmas Workouts

The gym is closed, or the hours are cut short. The kids are home from school. You can’t sneak away, but you need a workout more then ever. Holiday chaos is fun but stressful, and you need a mental relief. The cookies and ‘nog are calling your name, and you need a good calorie burn. You finally have a little extra time on your hands but nowhere to go workout. What are you to do? Turn to one of these fun Christmas-themed workouts, of course!

From ladders to circuits, movies to songs, these 10 workouts are not only great calorie burners but fun and creative too. Click through to find one (or two or three) to try.

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    Get ready, get set, workout!

  • 12 Days of Christmas Workout 2 of 11

    A workout version of the 12 days of Christmas from Skinny Sometimes. Gotta love the 'plank for my belly.'

  • 12 WODs 3 of 11

    Sing the song and get sweating with this Food Fitness & Family workout. Do yourself a favor and don't do the math on how minutes of planks that adds up to by the time you're done. Just be glad the first day of Christmas isn't a set of burpees.

  • Christmas Eve Workout 4 of 11

    Alternate running and walking on the treadmill with one-minute sets of plyometrics, then follow it up with a circuit for your abs and half of yoga. Bess Be Fit isn't cutting you any slack with this workout!

  • Christmas Ladder 5 of 11

    i'm not going to tell you how many squat jumps you'll end up doing, but you'll be sure to burn off those extra holiday cookies with this one from Experiment:Life.

  • Movie Workout 6 of 11

    Wholistically Fit knows you'll be watching movie after movie anyways, so why not make it a little fun with this Christmas movie-themed workout? Listen for the magic words and do the associated move. By the time you're done with your movie marathon, you'll have a whole workout under your belt.

  • Arms and Butt 7 of 11

    We may be thinking mostly about our bellies this holiday season, but Cupcakes n Crunches won't let us forget about our arms and butt. Give this circuit a go, and add in some cardio for a full workout.

  • Winter Plyometrics 8 of 11

    Mom's Little Running Buddy gives us a run for our money with jump squats, burpees, lunge jumps, and more.

  • Fit’Mas Workout 9 of 11

    We're all busy during the holiday season, but Live and Diet give us a quick 12-minute workout we can squeeze in between holiday parties and festivities.

  • My Trainer Gave to Me 10 of 11

    Get ready for a toughy with this cardio-blasting plyometric workout from Power House Fit Foodie.

  • Solid Workout 11 of 11

    I'm exhausted just looking at this workout from Fitsouffle. Give it a try to get your whole body shaking before you dig into the Christmas goodies.

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