What is Your ‘Why’? 8 Fitness Mantras to Keep You Motivated

When it comes to fitness and exercise, for a while there I had lost my way. It was simply a matter of being unmotivated, able to fill my time with a million other things, and not loving any one particular workout. It was not until I started spinning that my enthusiasm about exercise came back in full force.

One of the instructors at the spin studio always says something during class that has sticks in my head and become such a motivator for me. She simply reminds us that “the time is going to pass anyway, so get what you came here for and work your ass off.” And she is so right. The time is going to pass anyway, so why not put it to good use?

Recently I decided to ask some of my fittest friends and fitness enthusiasts about their “why.” What are the mantras that keep them going on those days when they might want to give in or give up? Perhaps sharing their health and fitness motivation might help someone else to stay on track. After all, it really can be very easy to lose one’s way. Here are 8 amazing fitness enthusiasts sharing their whys:

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    Fitness motivation from the pros

    That is my motivation. Here is motivation from 8 more health and fitness enthusiasts!

  • Have that mamavation 2 of 9
    Have that mamavation

    Leah Segedie of Mamavation wisely said: "All I care about is creating lifetime good habits that I can role model for my kids. Health is a journey. There are bumps in the road and things never go perfectly, but you get there with patience and dedication."

  • Just put on your sneakers 3 of 9
    Just put on your sneakers and go

    Heather Neal of With a Side of Sneakers has not one, but three fitness mantras. "Stronger with every step," "Suck it up buttercup," and the ever faithful, "Just keep swimming." She says, "Remembering that everything I do is making me stronger physically and mentally is what gets me through on the days I'd rather just quit."

  • Get in the groove 4 of 9
    Get in the groove

    Rachel Blaufeld got back in the groove by organizing and prioritizing. "Schedule, schedule, schedule. I write my fitness plan in my calendar for the week and mark myself as busy so there is no getting out of it. I treat it just like a meeting or an appointment — mostly because my health is that important."

  • Focus on the modern-day you 5 of 9
    Focus on the modern day you

    Stephanie Anderson of knows that it is all about taking things one day at a time. "So often people get excited to start a fitness or diet program, and they go all in, and then peter out quickly. Slow and steady wins the race. Make getting through ONE DAY at a time with those changes and goals — and you've succeeded! Then make the same vow tomorrow, then the next day, and the next. Don't compare yourself to others. You'll get to where you want to be in your own time!"

  • Live for you 6 of 9
    Live for you

    As the voice behind, Lori Alper is living lean, mean (in the fierce way), and green. She says: "Take time every day to take care of yourself. Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours devote that time solely to you. Make sleep a priority and nourish your body with healthy, pure foods — and an occasional ice cream cone."

  • Become a miss fit 7 of 9
    Become a miss fit

    Carla Birnberg is the original MizFit. Her philosophy is twofold. "First, I am never as far from my healthy living path as my very next choice." And second, "I do the best I can each day, go to bed, get back up and recommit all over again. No matter what happened the day before it's a new day and I recommit to healthy living."

  • Hold on to your mojo 8 of 9
    Hold on to your mojo

    Debi Silber coaches women on how to get their mojo back, so motivation is an area she knows well. "Every choice you make brings you further or closer to the body, health, life and lifestyle you want. Are your choices bringing you further or closer? There's nothing more powerful than leading by example. Would you be YOUR role model? If not, ask yourself, what needs to change?"

  • Musings of the finish line 9 of 9
    Musings of the finish line

    Jo-Lynne Shane uses the words from the photo here for her motivation. She said, "I focus on how I will feel when I'm done. It helps!"


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