What’s in the Fridge of: A Marathoner & Triathlete

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Fridge #2 in the What’s in Your Fridge Series

Today I’m opening the doors to Katie’s fridge. Check out what this marathoner, triathlete, and mom of 2 keeps in stock.

What is your approach to healthy living?

My approach is really about health and convenience. Lots of Tupperware means I’ve done lots of food prep so there’s always fresh fruit ready to grab and go. Lots of healthy dinners ready to reheat in a pinch.

What’s in your fridge and why?

Lots of Milk..We have three different kinds of milk in there…2% for the toddler, Skim for my husband, and Almond Milk (on the door) for me.


Water..My husband and I love REALLY cold water so we each have a water bottle (E has one too, you just can’t see it)

Fresh fruit..Some cut up in the Tupperware, and I had to replenish yesterday so there are strawberries that need to be cut up.

Do you have a favorite tip or secret to helping your family eat healthy foods?

Take out as many obstacles as possible. The bottom drawer is full of individual treats that E can get to. Lots of apples, little baggies of cut up green peppers, cucumbers, etc. He feels empowered because he got them all by himself and he is more likely to eat them.

Is any food or drink “off limits” in your house?

For E, it’s definitely soda. I need to kick my addiction but I’m the only one that drinks it.

Do you follow any diet guidelines?

Nope. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

Who is your healthy eating inspiration or role model?

My mom. She taught me how to cook. My family has a history of heart disease so we ALWAYS ate healthy. I know how to cook chicken a ton of ways.

Have you always eaten this way?

Yep. It’s the heart disease factor for us. I’m at risk as well. I know it and know that eating healthy isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s a necessity.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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