Who To Follow on Pinterest: 10 Must-Follow Fitness Pinners

If there’s one thing I can really use when the weather turns cold and dreary, it’s a steaming hot cinnamon latte and a hefty dose of fitness inspiration. Ok, let’s be honest: I could really use some serious motivation any day. Between getting up at the crack of dawn to take care of a non-stop toddler and trying to get all my work done, I’m physically and mentally exhausted by the time there’s a moment in the day to workout. Luckily I know just where to turn for the kick in the butt I need: Pinterest. Pinterest is full of beautifully decorated rooms and drool-worthy food, but it’s also stocked with workout ideas, motivational quotes, and inspiring images of strength and ability.

But who to follow on Pinterest to find the best fitness inspiration? Here are 10 must-follow pinners to inspire you to get up off the couch and do something amazing.


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    These 10 pinners are a surefire source for any and all kinds of fitness inspiration. Don't believe? Just click through and see for yourself.

  • Box Jumps // Katelyn Block of Chef Katelyn 2 of 11

    When it comes to Crossfit inspiration, Katelyn is my go-to girl. Forget skinny, starving fitness models or girls pushing away endlessly on an elliptical, not getting anywhere at all with their fitness. Katelyn has a knack for pinning images of strong, hardworking, impressive females that have a way of making you believe you can do it to. 


    Favorite Boards:

    Work It Out: Like I said, Katelyn's not about casually hanging out on the elliptical while chatting away. I know if she pins a workout it's going to be a booty buster. I love the mix of Crossfit-style strength with tough cardio intervals.

    Crossfit Inspiration: It's no secret that Crossfit is a huge trend right now, even though it's been around for awhile. What I love most of Katelyn's board is that it highlights REAL women being strong and pushing themselves beyond their limits. If the images don't grab you right in, the caption of the board will: "I don't listen to rap. I AMRAP." (It's a little Crossfit humor for you.}


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  • Lift Heavy // Kelly Olexa of FitFluential 3 of 11

    I can't think of anybody that proves it's ok for women to lift heavy, lift hard, and go for IT more than Kelly Olexa. She lives and breathes what she pins and if I could do a third of what she does, I'd be a tough one to reckon with. 


    Favorite Boards:

    Fitness Truths: This board is full of things you probably don't want to let yourself hear but probably should. Like "It takes 524 burpees to burn off 1 large [order] of fries." Whether that's an accurate count or not I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'd rather not do 500-some burpees (let alone 5 burpees) thankyouverymuch.

    Yoga: I love this board of Kelly's mostly because of its juxtaposition to her I-can-dominate-any-man in the gym type boards. It's a good reminder that even the strongest women need a little balance in life and in their workouts.


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  • 5 to 50 Abs // Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean 4 of 11

    I hate, hate, hate getting bored of my workout routine. To avoid that I rarely do the same workout. I may be one to thrive on routine in other areas of life, but mixing it up is where it's at when it comes to fitness. Anytime I'm a rut and need a new workout routine to try, I turn to Lindsay. She always has fresh new pins of butt-kicking fitness routines.


    Favorite Boards:

    Workouts: Tons and tons of workout routines — from tabatas to full body circuits to treadmill intervals, this board has you covered.

    Workout Motivation: I love me a good, inspiring quote, especially when it comes to fitness. Sometimes you just need a new mantra for the day; other times you'll find one you just want to stick with long term. One of my favorites from this board: "Your legs aren't giving out. Your head is giving up. Keep going."


    Photo Source: Pinterest

  • Passion // Laura Peifer of Mommy Run Fast 5 of 11

    I have trouble choosing just one pin to show the kind of motivation and inspiration Mommy Run Fast has leaping off of her pin boards. Even her name is inspiring, "Mommy! Run fast!" From running motivation to words of encouragement to exercise routines, Mommy Run Fast has a little of everything.


    Favorite Boards:

    Running Motivation: Sometimes you just need to give yourself a few words of encouragement to get started or to keep going. There are plenty to choose from on this motivational board, like this simple yet inspiring one: "She believed she could so she did." What more reason do you need?!

    Fitness Bucket List: I love that this is a list of fitness things she wants to try, not just things she's already done or pinned for the sake of pinning. There are some pretty cool ideas too — maybe I need to update my own fitness bucket list.


    Photo Source: Pinterest

  • The New Skinny // Bonnie Pfiester of The pFIT Blog 6 of 11

    Bonnie Pfiester, aka pFIT, is hardcore. She shows women how to do it right when it comes to fitness, whether it's strength, motivation, or determination, she's definitely one to aspire to. She picks great pins, but also creates some real winners of her own.


    Favorite Boards:

    Motiv8ion: Maybe it's because I could really use some right about now, but I love Bonnie's round up of motivation inspiration. This one, "You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for," makes me really want to get up off my butt and stop thinking about all the fitness goals I'd like to achieve and instead maybe actually do something to make them happen.

    Pfunny Pfitness: Because we can all use a little humor in our lives, even when it comes to something serious like taking care of yourself.

  • Capable // Angela of Happy Fit Mama 7 of 11

    Happy Fit Mama's Pinterest boards are full of reminders of all the benefits working out can give you -besides how you look. Running can be more than a way to burn calories and sculpt calves; it can teach you perseverance and dedication.


    Favorite Boards

    Run It: Full of running quotes, inspiration, and a little humor, this board is a definite must for runners.

    Yoga-licious: The perfect complement to running — yoga. I love the pin from Lululemon that says, "Yoga is like walking down a city street. We're all going different places but we're doing it together."

  • Yoga Mom // Katie McFarland of Mom’s Little Running Buddy 8 of 11

    How can you not love this picture? This is from Katie McFarland. It reminds me that even though I'm a mom in a somewhat chaotic household with a toddler running around screaming, I still deserve a moment of peace and "me" time.


    Favorite Boards:

    Fitness/Running: A mash-up of all things fitness and running, this board always has something I connect with, from what to keep in your gym bag, to how to tie your shoes, to tips for making time for running while taking care of kids.

    Training Plans: Once you've followed one training plan, it's fun to mix it up the next time around. Katie has some of the training plans she's created for her running blog, Mom's Little Running Buddy(ies), plus some from other running enthusiasts.

  • Playground Workout // Bobbi McCormick of nHerShoes 9 of 11

    This workout from Bobbi McCormick's pinboard is a serious parental win-win. Take your kids to the playground to play and you can squeeze in a good workout. Bobbi's boards are full of tips, motivational quotes, and ideas for making a home gym.


    Favorite Boards:

    Fitness Ideas: Although I'm typically one for streamlined and divided organization, I love this board for the exact opposite reasons: it doesn't focus on just one thing. It's a whole hodge podge of fitness, like ideas for races to do, gear to wear, or work out ideas.

    20 Minute Workouts: Because honestly, sometimes you just don't have time for more. There are more days than I'd like to admit where finding a spare 20 minutes is the biggest victory of my day. This board is dedicated to routines that take 20 minutes or less, but trust me — they're no walk in the park. (Pun intended!)


  • Healthy Not Skinny // Sarah Stanley of Sarah Stanley Inspired Living 10 of 11

    I love the "real-life" attitude Sarah Stanley's boards convey. She's a fitness bad-a$$ herself, but her boards make you feel like you can be just like her. She not only shares fitness, but pins that reflect how she eats and her lifestyle, which draws you in and makes you feel connected. 


    Favorite Boards:

    On-the-Go Workouts: Sarah's a big traveler so it makes sense that she'd have some good on-the-go workouts in her back pocket, err, I mean pinboard. These are all workouts you can do without equipment or a lot of space — a win-win in my book.

    Get Active: This board isn't about finishing marathons or triathlons or doing the most burpees. It's simply about getting up and moving. It's full of beginner running tips, motivational quotes, fun images of bikes and runners, and inspirational pictures of real women doing these things.

  • Strong and Beautiful // Christine of Love Life Surf 11 of 11

    To me, this picture from Love Life Surf's collection of pins speaks volumes about the messages we should be sending our kids — and women in general. You can be strong and beautiful and accomplished all at the same time. And you should be. This pinner is sure to give you the motivation and desire you need to set your fitness goals high.


    Favorite Boards:

    Fitness Inspiration: Not just a collection of awesome quotes, this inspirational board showcases things she's done and other people she seeks motivation from, ranging from Olympic athletes to other fitness bloggers and pinners.

    Yoga: The images here are just about relaxing and balance and inner-focus, the way a lot of yoga appears to be. This board is packed full of images that elicit strength and power. It makes me want to get my booty to the next yoga class I can find!


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