Why Yes, You CAN Crowdfund for a Facial

And now, a message from the, “you have got to be kidding” department‚Ķ

Crowdfunding has been used to date as a way to raise funds for non-profit organizations, for social good initiatives, for small business ideas. You can now crowdfund for cosmetic enhancements, LASIK, orthodontics, other aesthetic procedures.

Yes. That is for real.

Members at Peelpoints.com can raise money to finance plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, LASIK, orthodontics, or even a spa visit or tanning package.

The original idea was to help fund those small necessities needed for life events such as a wedding. So this site becomes like a registry to pay for aesthetic procedures and services to which family and friends can contribute.

Now on one hand, this seems completely ridiculous to me. Why on earth would I want someone’s hard earned money to pay for my manicure? And there is sure as hell no way that I would be funding anyone’s breast implants, whether they are family, friend, or stranger. On the other hand, I guess if someone wanted to pay for my husband’s LASIK surgery I certainly would not be mad at them.

Let’s keep in mind that as bizarre as this may seem, people have done much crazier and yes, dumber things for money, and for cosmetic procedures.

I get this concept if it is an aesthetic procedure for a cancer patient or someone who suffered from a serious injury or illness who may need help with reconstruction. That I can understand. That would be both compelling and deserving of donations. Asking someone else to pay for me to get my nails done? That is a whole other story.

Members are encouraged to engage in fundraising campaigns that promote their aesthetic registries on social media sites, which should not be much of a surprise. Peelpoints pays the provider of expensive procedures directly to guarantee the funds are raised for the stated purpose, while less expensive services and products are paid with a Peel stored-value card which is mailed to the member. Peelpoints charges a flat fee of 10% on all payments collected.

What do you think of crowdfunding for aesthetic procedures? Would you ever participate?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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