Want a Better Workout? Here’s the Simple Way to Do It

Working out to music can improve your performance.

Ever notice how much easier working out feels when you’ve got your earbuds in?

Well, it turns out there’s science to back that notion up. Newly released research found that not only does music distract us when we are working out, but it actually reduces the amount of physical energy we must exert.

Music has always been associated with physical activity, starting long before the days when Olivia Newton John sang about getting physical. Music is a part of rituals that date back for generations. On a different scale but in the same vein, today, we often see athletes heading into the locker room for their own pre-game routine, with headphones on and music drowning out the chaos around them.

Music is also what gets me and many other Babble writers through a difficult workout. Whenever I get bored of my current playlist, I find myself much less motivated to keep on keeping on.

Recently I have become a spin class junkie. And I have to admit that a big part of the reason I enjoy the class is the great music the instructor plays. Having a motivating playlist is undoubtedly one of the keys to a first-rate class because it keeps the group pumped, and, for me, it helps the time pass quickly.

While not everyone agrees with the idea of playing music while working out, and would rather exercise in silence, consider this: The benefit of having a workout playlist can go beyond just reducing the energy we have to exert when we exercise. Turns out, when we listen to music, our bodies are actually having a more effective workout. You can take that fact right to the gym!

Now, let’s consider how this can go one step further. If physical activity can make a hard workout seem easier and actually be more efficient, imagine what it could do for people who are undergoing physical therapy or recovering from bodily injury. Music might become an important factor in the way we approach wellness in the future.

So keep pumping up the jams, folks. You will get a better workout — and not even realize it!

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