11 Workouts Moms Already Do, Without Even Hitting the Gym

If you feel as if motherhood has put a sizable dent in your ability to take care of yourself — including and especially exercising the way you did pre-baby — you’re not alone. Chasing around after small kids leaves little time to hit up the gym or take a yoga class. But the good news is, now that you’re a mom, you’re still getting your fitness on in all sorts of little ways. Heck, you’ve probably already completed the equivalent of a marathon, decathlon, and tough mudder event today. All before lunch.

A few other “workouts” you’ve likely done today? Let me see …

1. Barre

Barre workouts are all the rage these days, and no one is better at ballet than moms. Between tiptoeing out of the baby’s room so as not to disturb nap time or grand jeté-ing across the room to prevent an imminent juice-box catastrophe, you’re basically Missy Copeland if she always had a spare pack of baby wipes in her purse.

2. Waist Training

You could blow your money buying a glorified pair of Spanx to keep your jelly from shaking all over the place, or you can consider what you already do, which is follow your toddler around and pick up after them like the walking definition of insanity. At least there will be some definition in your waist, too. (See what I did there?)

3. Breathing Work

If you’ve sucked in a hot air balloon-worth of air and held it for the 11+ minutes it can take to fasten that one pair of jeans that still fits … well then, congratulations: You have worked out today!

4. Hamstring Stretches

There’s a reason we have muscle in the back of our legs: When we’re sitting on the toilet and hear the pitter patter of little feet heading towards the bathroom, we can kick the door closed in lightning-fast speeds — without even needing to stand up.

5. Tricep Pushdown

We’ve all been there: You refuse to take the trash out for days because it was someone else’s task (that they failed to complete), and now it’s turned into an overflowing pile of stink that no one wants to deal with. But hey, someone’s got to shove that thing back on — and you’re just the mom for the job!

6. Hand Strengthening

Gripping the remote control as if it’s another limb is a necessity when you have small children in the house who are still too young to read, yet somehow already know how to change the channel from Bravo to PBS Kids.

7. Bicep Extensions

If lugging your monthly case of wine out of the store and into your car isn’t enough to give you enviable biceps, remember that schlepping your baby around town — and the 9 million pounds of baby gear they come with — could very possibly give you a good shot at winning the Ms. Olympia crown.

8. Bicep Curls

Speaking of wine … that glass of Merlot isn’t going to lift itself to your mouth.

9. Resistance Work

You didn’t eat the mac and cheese that fell on the floor but (bonus!) you still bent down to pick it up. #Beast

10. Yoga

Oh, as if just anyone could contort their body to reach that super high shelf in the pantry, and hide a secret stash of chocolate? I think not.

11. Running

It may not be on a treadmill or a track, but you’re running. To school. To the other room. Away from everyone. You’re doing it. Trust.

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