10 Celeb Dads Who Look Better Clean-Shaven (Photos)

ben affleck
Ben Affleck looks so much better without facial hair.

For whatever reason, I just can’t get into the whole facial hair thing on men. I guess I’m somewhat okay with a tiny goatee or a bit of a five-o-clock-shadow, but full blown beards and mustaches really creep me out. I just can’t picture cuddling up to a dude who possibly has bits of food stuck on his face in the hairs around his mouth. Gross.

Facial hair seems to be all the rage with famous dads in Hollywood these days, but I personally think that celeb dads look so much better, not to mention years younger, when they are clean shaven.

I’ve always had a bit of a celebrity crush on Ben Affleck for obvious reasons. However, when he lets his beard grow out, he just looks so much less attractive to me. When Ben is clean shaven, he looks fresh, strikingly handsome, and irresistable.

Here are nine other celeb dads who in my opinion, look much better clean shaven.

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  • Brad Pitt 1 of 9
    Brad Pitt
    Brad looks 10 years younger every time he shaves.
  • Matthew McConaughey 2 of 9
    Matthew McConaughey
    The whole mustache thing just doesn't work for Matthew.
  • Hugh Jackman 3 of 9
    Hugh Jackman
    Hugh is much more handsome when he's not the Wolverine!
  • James Van Der Beek 4 of 9
    James Van Der Beek
    Dawson just doesn't look right with a beard.
  • Jason Bateman 5 of 9
    Jason Bateman
    Jason's boyish good looks are disguised when he has facial hair.
  • Ryan Phillippe 6 of 9
    Ryan Phillippe
    When clean shaven, Ryan is even more gorgeous!
  • Orlando Bloom 7 of 9
    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando is much more yummy without his mustache.
  • Liev Schreiber 8 of 9
    Liev Schreiber
    Liev cleans up nice!
  • Ewan McGregor 9 of 9
    Ewan McGregor
    Ewan and beards definitely don't mix.

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