10 Celeb Dads Who Real Moms Would Love to Date or Marry! (Photos)

ben affleck
Dear Ben Affleck, Will You Marry Me?

Do you have a celebrity crush? C’mon…don’t even try to act like you don’t. At one point or another, I think that all women get a bit of a crush on someone famous. And contrary to what some might believe, having a bit of a thing for a celebrity does not make you a bad person or mean that you are unhappy with your husband, kids, etc. Since when is daydreaming a crime?

With all of the delicious celeb dads in Hollywood, it’s hard not to wonder what it would be like to either date or be married to them. For me, Ben Affleck is totally “my guy.” And yes, I will admit that my love for Ben is strictly superficial. He is beyond gorgeous, and I could care less about the fact that he loves poker and beer. In fact, I find those qualities to be quite endearing in Ben for some strange reason.

I was curious as to which celebrity dads other real moms had on their list of who they’d most like to marry or date. I asked real moms on Twitter who their pick would be…take a look at the photos below to see their answers!

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  • Brad Pitt 1 of 10
    Brad Pitt
    @DanielleAElwood - "Brad Pitt...while I don't think he is sexy these days, he has to be a complete SAINT to care for and be hands on with all those kids!" @JuleyJules - "Brad Pitt of course, only b/c I have had a crush on him for about 20 years." @SaucyB - "Brad Pitt. Hot and a hands on dad sigh/swoon ;)"
  • Jason Bateman 2 of 10
    Jason Bateman
    @AnnMarieNieves - "Jason Bateman. funny, looks like a great equal partner. always talks about his wife being his best friend."
  • David Beckham 3 of 10
    David Beckham
    @retromummy - "David Beckham because he's hot and he has 4 kids and we have 4 kids! and he looks like a great dad!"
  • Ewan McGregor 4 of 10
    Ewan McGregor
    @switestbukky - "I would want to marry Ewan Mcgregor. He is awesome, handsome and lovable!!!"
  • Daniel Day-Lewis 5 of 10
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    @anonymoususproj - "Daniel Day Lewis- he keeps his private life private, doesn't seem to cheat or date too often (i.e. he's secure). talented."
  • Matt Damon 6 of 10
    Matt Damon
    @DinkieDie - "Matt Damon is my pick for best celeb dad. He's hands on with his daughters & is an ambassador for fixing public education."
  • Will Smith 7 of 10
    Will Smith
    @shrekswifefiona - "Will Smith, because he's funny, rich, and seems charming!"
  • Hugh Jackman 8 of 10
    Hugh Jackman
    @vickyotley - "I'd love to date or marry Hugh Jackman. I mean can you imagine doing the school run or sports day with Wolverine. Swoon."
  • Rob Lowe 9 of 10
    Rob Lowe
    @MamaLefton - "Rob Lowe! He is soooo beautiful!!"
  • Chris O’Donnell 10 of 10
    Chris O'Donnell
    @SeptemberAcres - "Chris O'Donnell (NCIS LA)- so nice, seems very family oriented, easy on the eyes, too:)"


These celebs are on a heavier hot list: Hollywood’s Most Wanted!

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