10 Disney Inspired Hair Styles Tutorials via YouTube (Videos)


There is something special about those Disney Princesses. It’s not just their compelling life story, it’s not just their fabulous gowns, rather it’s something far more heady. There is just something that is oh-so-iconic about each and every one of them their hair.

Now, whipping your tresses into a Belle do or a taking that red mess and making it into a Merida masterpiece may sound like an impossible task, but these YouTube hair style experts created easy to follow, simple videos giving step-by-step instructions.

Check out how these 10 regular ladies, teens and girls were transformed into Disney royalty right here:


  • Belle 1 of 10
    You don't have to date or be married to a Beast to pull off this flirty Belle from Beauty and the Beast look. Check out this tutorial from CuteGirlsHairstyles (a Disney Exclusive) right here:

    Photo Source: YouTube/CuteGirlsHairStyles
  • Wreck-It Ralph 2 of 10
    If you're feeling sweet, there is the Vanellope von Schweetz hairstyle put together again by CuteGirlsHairstyles. Love the detailing on this one!

    Photo Source: YouTube/CuteGirlsHairStyles
  • Jasmine 3 of 10
    Jasmine's ( Aladdin ) segmented ponytail is the subject of this CuteGirlsHairStyles video. And it's an easy one to pull off.

    Photo Source: YouTube/CuteGirlsHairStyles
  • Snow White 4 of 10
    How adorable is this lady!?! I love that she didn't just commit to the outfit but committed to the hair too. Check out her super cute tutorial right here:

    Photo Source: YouTube/itsJudyTime
  • Cinderalla 5 of 10
    What girl doesn't wanna be Cinderella for the day? And no, you don't have to be blonde as is proven by this Cinderella inspired updo by "ilovegerardo" on YouTube. Check out her tutorial right here:

    Photo Source: YouTube/ilovegerardo
  • Rapunzel 6 of 10
    Rapunzel's floral braid is very envy invoking, it's pretty awesome. You can be inspired to do the same with this CuteGirlsHairStyle video right here.

    Photo Source: YouTube/CuteGirlsHairStyles
  • Merida 7 of 10
    Of course a ready and willing red head would give Merida's (from Brave ) a try. How could she not!

    Photo Source: YouTube/BekieSyke
  • Ariel 8 of 10
    One of the main things about doing an Ariel inspired hairstyle seems to be having red hair. But no matter what your hair hue, it's a sweet do.

    Photo Source: YouTube/gerble43
  • Tiana 9 of 10
    This one is pretty adorable, a little girl wants to get her hair just like her Tiana's (from Princess and the Frog ). Yes, cuteness ensues.

    Photo Source: YouTube/beadsbraidsbeyond
  • Tinkerbell 10 of 10
    This one is pretty cute, because like the Tiana one before, this one features a real kid. And pretty much every little girl looks cute with a Tinkerbell do!

    Photo Source: YouTube/Zoeebella

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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