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When most think of Disneyland, they think of it as a Mecca for children, a place for family fun. But here’s the thing: Disneyland is many different things to many different people, and romance seems to fall right under the category of “family.” There is a reason why so many couples get married in Disneyland and Disney World! There are romantic touches all over the place.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve compiled what I think are the 10 most romantic places in Disneyland.

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  • Napa Rose 1 of 10
    When most think of dining at Disneyland, many have visions of massive turkey legs and freshly dipped corn dogs, but dining at the Happiest Place on Earth has far more high-end (and romantic) options. One of the most highly regarded four-star choices is the Napa Rose, located at the Grand California Resort. Not only is the space absolutely gorgeous, with art nouveau touches and relaxing hues, but the food is award winning. There are California cuisine inspired dishes like Pan Roasted Diver Scallops , Honey Roasted pear and Brie Salad and Mountain Lamb Rack Chop with Lamb Porterhouse. Yes, this goes far beyond your standard issue amusement park eating. Also, the Napa Rose has an extensive wine list and what's more romantic than a delicious meal, in a beautiful place with a great glass of wine?
    You can find out more about Napa Rose right here.You can find out more about Napa Rose right here.
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  • The Haunted Mansion 2 of 10
    This may not be on everyone's list of romantic places in Disneyland, but there is something about the gothic, dark, and mysterious nature of the ride that some (present company included) find romantic. Also the "doom buggies" offer a great way to sit sidled up to the one you love.
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  • Blue Bayou Restaurant 3 of 10
    After you ride Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the most romantic things you can do is go dine at the Blue Bayou Restaurant in the heart of New Orleans Square. The restaurant is beautiful, dimly lit, and perfect for a delicious lunch date. If you do go, make sure you book your table far in advance and if you can, try to get a table by the river's edge.
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  • Carthay Circle Restaurant 4 of 10
    For an old Hollywood glam type romance, you can not go wrong with the fine dining experience at Carthay Circle. You can grab a drink in the 1930's inspired bar, get a little snack in the lounge or head upstairs for an intimate dinner. The restaurant is beautiful, making you feel like you've gone back in time. And the food? It's delicious. You can enjoy such delights as a halibut cerviche to a Colorado rack of lamb. Plus their fried banana split Monte Cristo sundae is a perfect dessert to split, pairing your sweet love with a sweet treat!
    Find out more about the Carthay Circle Restaurant right here.
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  • Mark Twain Riverboat 5 of 10
    There is something so relaxing about a boat ride, and the Mark Twain Riverboat isn't just a great way to escape the crowds, to slow down you Disney day, but it can be very romantic (as well as relaxing). Head to the top of the boat, find a piece of railing away from others and share a moment with your man (or woman).
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  • Pirates of the Caribbean 6 of 10
    There is something so romantic about pirates, I can't define why, but something about that old-school swashbuckling style is oddly sexy. A fun ride to go on with the one you love is Pirates of the Caribbean. And ince the ride consists of bench sitting, you can get very close to your sweetheart.
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  • Main Street at Dusk 7 of 10
    There is something just so magical about Main Street at dusk, at that moment when all the lights start to turn on taking us from day to night. Take your loved one by the hand and just walk slowly down Main Street, appreciating every step. Then you'll end up by Sleeping Beauty's castle, a perfect spot to share a nice romantic kiss.
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  • Snow White’s Grotto 8 of 10
    Here is something to do with your loved one, take their hand and walk towards Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland. Stroll, don't rush. Take your time. Then continue towards the right and make a stop at Snow White's Grotto. Lean over and listen for Snow White's voice to serenade you. It's so sweet, so touching and really lovely.
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  • The Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel 9 of 10
    Nothing is more romantic than a beautifully appointed hotel room. And one of the most gorgeous, spectacular and stunning hotel rooms I have ever seen is the Adventureland Suite at The Disneyland Hotel. This suite had all sorts of interesting items inspired by world travel, from a Morrocan sitting area to a faux elephant tusks. Romantic touches include a in room bath tub ( in the master suite) and a hidden rock grotto shower in the bathroom, it really is an amazing room.
    Find out more about the Adventureland Suite right here.
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  • Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar 10 of 10
    There is something so intriguing about an old-school Tiki lounge. It harkens back to a bygone era, one that is very romantic, in an exotic sort of way. Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar, located in the midst of the Disneyland Hotel Resort, has dark nooks where you can have a drink with the one you love from a Shrunken Zombie Head to a Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum But be careful for what you order, since there could be "consequences," such as a spontaneous thunder storm or a volcano eruption.
    Find out more about the Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar right here.
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