10 Reasons Why Heidi Klum And Seal Should Try To Work Things Out (Photos)

Make It Work!

Every pumpkin on the planet suffered from the sads this weekend when the news broke that supermodel Heidi Klum was planning on divorcing her crooner husband Seal. We might as well just erase the month of October from our calendars because Halloween will never be the same in a world where Heidi and Seal are no longer one.

We’ve since heard that the two might be trying to work things out, despite their work commitments that keep the couple apart and Seal’s reported partying ways. There were also rumors (read: blog comments) that Heidi might have had another man on the side, but that idea we wouldn’t believe in a million years.

We have ten reasons why we think Mr. and Mrs. Halloween Forever should stay together and not just because of the kids, but because of other reasons too. Check them out here and let’s hope Heidi will reconsider her Auf Wiedersehen on this one before filing for divorce. As we’ve learned from her show, Project Runway: Make it work!

  • Heidi and Seal 1 of 10
    Heidi and Seal
    Heidi and Seal kind of made it their thing to renew their vows in a lavish ceremony every year on their wedding anniversary. Perhaps moving forward they can tone it down a bit and instead of telling the world how much they love each other, just focus on themselves for a change?
  • Sad 2 of 10
    They were the cutest couple in Hollywood and when I heard the news that they were splitting up, the first thought that came to mind was if they can't make it, then we're all doomed. That same thought did cross my mind back in 2005 when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up, but we've somehow gotten over it (well, most of us anyway).
  • The Kids 3 of 10
    The Kids
    The kids. The kids. The kids. They have one of the most gorgeous families in Hollywood and their four children are at such tender ages that a split would leave a devastating mark on them for years to come.
  • Make it Work 4 of 10
    Make it Work
    Divorces are for celebrities who don't take marriages seriously (read: Kim Kardashian). Heidi is not Kim. Seal is not Kris Humphries. We know these two can work it out.
  • No More Halloween 5 of 10
    No More Halloween
    Halloween would never be the same without Heidi and Seal and their over-the-top costumes and parties every year. Pumpkins in patches all across the country would have the permanent sads all year round.
  • Auf Wiedersehen? 6 of 10
    Auf Wiedersehen?
    While we will never know what goes on behind closed doors, Heidi and Seal make a very beautiful couple and are one of the most photogenic ones at red carpet events. We want to see more Heidi Klums and Seals in this world and less Heidi Montags and Spencer Pratts, if you know what I mean.
  • Keeping It Real 7 of 10
    Keeping It Real
    While marriages are never easy, if Heidi and Seal did end up working things out, it would prove to us that not every couple in the celebrity world is superficial.
  • They Make Beautiful Music 8 of 10
    They Make Beautiful Music
    They make beautiful music together. Remember their duet at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show a few years ago? We'd do anything to see that again - despite how uncomfortable in made us feel at the time - just to see these two together.
  • Cheesy Love 9 of 10
    Cheesy Love
    As cheesy as some of Heidi's Twitter shots of her and Seal sometimes are, it still kind of proved that the two are a couple that deeply loved each other. So much more than say, the Jersey Shore's Snooki or JWoww tweeting a self-pic of themselves in a hotel bathroom with the caption "How hot am I?".
  • The Sads 10 of 10
    The Sads
    A sad Heidi makes the world sad without that little chirp in her voice. Plus, could you picture Heidi with another man by her side? We can't. Seal is perfect for her.

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