10 Strange Celebrity Endorsements (Photos)

10 Strange Celebrity Endorsements via
Ben Stiller for Chu Hi

I know that sometimes money is tight. And I can understand the desire (or financial need) to take any job that comes your way, but I can’t help but question what these famous celebrities were thinking (or well, their manager) when they signed on for certain deals and endorsements.

I love me a strange product, and put a celebrity in front of that — I can’t take my eyes away! Whether the product itself is strange or just an embarrassing product or the celebrity chosen to endorse the product is just … questionable, I can’t help but scratch my head. From denture smells, to impersonators, there are some weird, yet interesting celebrity endorsement deals.

Click through to see 10 celebrities and their strange endorsement deals:

  • Jessica Simpson for Dessert Treats Edible Cosmetics 1 of 10
    Jessica Simpson for Dessert Treats Edible Cosmetics
    It seems like the thing to do for young celebrities. Take anything and everything you can and market it with your face on it. Jessica has some great products, this one -- edible cosmetics? Not one of them.
    Photo credit:
  • Brooke Shields for La-Z-Boy 2 of 10
    Brooke Shields for La-Z-Boy
    She first became known for her gorgeous eyebrows and modeling career. Than we watched her develop her acting. I think I missed when she became an interior designer.
  • N’sync for Herbal Essences 3 of 10
    N'sync for Herbal Essences
    Now, N'Sync branded everything and were one of the biggest boy bands. They teamed up with Herbal Essence to help increase their brand, putting out a CD sponsored by... weird.
    Photo credit: Amazon
  • Carlos Santana for Carlos 4 of 10
    Carlos Santana for Carlos
    Dude is killer on the guitar, like no other. I don't understand why he has a female shoe brand... high heels?
    Photo credit: Carlos
  • Ben Stiller for Kirin 5 of 10
    Ben Stiller for Kirin
    I have heard there are a lot of celebrities endorsing brands overseas. Ben Stiller's face, someone else's voice for this product.
  • Tico Torres for rockstarbaby 6 of 10
    Tico Torres for rockstarbaby
    Do you love the band Bon Jovi? Tico is the drummer for the widely successful band, yet has chosen to do his own line of rocker-inspired baby gear.
    Photo credit: Rock Star
  • Florence Henderson For Polident 7 of 10
    Florence Henderson For Polident
    Sometimes the brand and image of yourself should come before an endorsement. Florence is loved for her role on The Brady Bunch, yet she was once talking about smelly dentures for Polident.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis For Activia 8 of 10
    Jamie Lee Curtis For Activia
    Oh, yogurt... what did women do before you? It's weird when celebrities talk about bodily functions -- even weirder when they are talking about it without really talking about it.
  • Ozzy Osbourne For I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter 9 of 10
    Ozzy Osbourne For I Can't Believe Its Not Butter
    Ozzy... and butter substitute. I still don't get it, but man he is always fun to watch!
  • Lisa Rinna For Depends 10 of 10
    Lisa Rinna For Depends
    Okay, getting older and having kids and sure, it's great that these products exist. I never, ever thought I would see a commercial for them starring a celebrity --- and the extra kicker ... a celebrity on the red carpet.

:: Which do you think is the weirdest one? ::


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