10 Television Series Finales That Have Made Us Cry (Photos)

Saying good-bye to your friends is always hard, but saying good-bye to your television friends is even harder. Don’t you just hate it when the best scripted television shows have to bow out after several seasons on air, leaving you with the empty feeling that you have nothing to watch (or do) during the Thursday evening 9:00 p.m. timeslot? Well that’s exactly how I’m going to feel when “The Office” airs its final season premiere next month and to be quite honest with you, I’m not ready to change the channel just yet. I don’t know about you, but that one is going to be a real tearjerker for me!

Check out some of the most memorable series finales on television ever below and tell us, did you cry as much as I did when Rachel and Ross finally kissed in his apartment after he tried to stop her from going to Paris? Or when Mr. Big chased after Carrie in the City of Love too (it’s always Paris, isn’t it?). Let us know what you think!

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  • Friends 2 of 10

    It's been almost ten years, and there still hasn't been a television couple who have been able to match Rachel and Ross in their quirkiness, silliness and love for each other. In the end, the good guy always gets the girl, and in this case, Ross not only got Rachel, but his family, too and that's something the fans of Friends were waiting to happen for almost ten years. Everything was perfect about the series finale from the multiple airport scenes, to Monica finally getting her babies and to Phoebe having her happy ending, too. Plus, the scene where everyone gives back their key to Monica's apartment was a classic, too. "Has it always been purple?" God I miss this show!

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  • Sex And The City 3 of 10

    Carrie finally gets Mr. Big at the end. Both Charlotte and Miranda are happy and settled with their families and even Samantha has found the love of her life. But even with the four women (supposedly) going their separate ways, they were still together, fashionable, stylish and oh so chic. And yes, each time I hear the song, "You've Got The Love," I get teary. Someone get me a cosmo!

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  • Seinfeld 4 of 10

    Thank goodness for TBS reruns, right? This one was just a huge mixture of both laughs and tears. So much about this ender is great, but we're going to single out the parade of past favorites who file into the courtroom to testify against Jerry and the gang — who're on trial for, well, being horrible people. Here's to you, Soup Nazi, Virgin, and Sidra Holland. Jerry, television needs you back.

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  • The Cosby Show 5 of 10

    I don't think there was another show that touched so many hearts in America as this one did.  Bill Cosby brought his eponymous sitcom to an end on a graceful note. Literally. Cliff Huxtable took his wife, Claire, in his arms and began to dance...and they waltzed right off the set, through the crew, and off into history. It was perfect. Just perfect.

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  • Lost 6 of 10

    Did this show take over the world, or what? I doubt there was a dry in the house in every house that watched the series finale of this show. Lost's two-and-a-half hour finale proved to be a high-energy epic romp, even with plenty of questions unanswered. The revelation that the Sideways world was a purgatory-ish afterlife led to a parade of tear-inducing reunions, while the Island story line ended with a final showdown between Jack and Smokey. 

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  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer 7 of 10

    Let's just take a moment here and forget that "Ringer" ever happened, shall we? Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) ended seven seasons of butt-kicking joy with Sunnydale sunken into a crater, Spike (James Marsters) paying for redemption with his life, and Angel (David Boreanaz) just a fond memory. To this day, Buffy and her crew are still kicking butt and taking names in Sunnydale, but just in my mind.

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  • M*A*S*H 8 of 10

    There is no way we could leave out M*A*S*H out from our list as it was the most watched televsion series finale ever in history (are you crying yet?). By the end of the episode, the war has drawn to an exhausted close, and the residents of the 4077th are scattering after many tearful farewells. The teariest is saved for last. As Alan Aida's character takes off in a chopper, he spies a message from his old pal B.J.: ''Goodbye'' spelled out in stones on the launch pad.

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  • Everyone Loves Raymond 9 of 10

    Now this was the most dysfunctional (and sometimes down right mean!) family that has ever been on television, but at the same time they were one of the most tight-knit and loving, too. Let's face it, Marie is the type of mother-in-law that make your worst nightmare come true. But she loves her family like no other (including Debra!) and shows it during almost each episode. The last episode where the family gathers at the Barone's kitchen table for breakfast was the most perfect way to end the series. Everyone was together, happy, and laughing. It just goes to prove that no matter how many issues a family might have, they are still a family in the end.

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  • The Office 10 of 10

    Remember when Michael proposed to Holly with the entire office present? That scene there made me ball in tears because it was so nice to see Michael finally happy and with the real love of his life after almost six seasons of searching (in office years!). Here's hoping that Michael Scott comes back for the series finale and we get to see him as a happily married suburban dad with two babies and one more along the way. It would be the perfect ending about an office that was so horribly dysfunctional, it was the bad job you wish you always had. Let's face it, there will never be another Dwight on television, anywhere.

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