10 Things You Didnt Know About Mob Wives' Renee Graziano (Photos)

Renee Graziano

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you haven’t been watching Mob Wives, what have you been watching? It’s not like there’s anything else this good on reality television.

Season 2 is looking to be so much more juicier than Season 1 with these celebrity mothers bringing on the drama in more ways than one. One of our favorite cast members (and I use to word favorite lightly) is Renee Graziano, the tough-talking, multiple-personality and incredibly crazy and hysterical ring leader of the group.

Did you know that Renee suffers from excessively writing letters to both criminals both known and unknown to her and that even though she’s been institutionalized she’s never spent a day inside? Apparently she takes care of everyone. It’s like she’s the Godmother of criminals.

It also seems like Vh1 is really trying to out-do Bravo with their Real Housewives series. So far, it seems to be working. Check out our ten things you probably didn’t know about Renee and tell us what you think.

  • 10 Things About Renee Graziano 1 of 10
    She's 40 years old. Yes. That sentence is factual.
  • Family 2 of 10
    She has one son, AJ, 15, with her ex-husband, Junior.
  • Connections 3 of 10
    She is the daughter of a big-time, known mob associate currently serving an 11-year sentence; Ex-wife of Junior mob "muscle."
  • Family Issues 4 of 10
    The New York Post reports that her father, Anthony Graziano, will no longer speak with her or her sister Jennifer (the creator of Mob Wives) as a result of their appearances on the show.
  • Mob No More 5 of 10
    Her son "A.J." has stated that he does not want to go into "the life", and wants to go to college and become an engineer.
  • Personality 6 of 10
    She describes herself as a "loud, foul-mouthed drama queen."
  • Better Than Email? 7 of 10
    Thanks to a circle of friends living the street life, Renee has visited over 83 prisons and written hundreds of letters to comfort the many friends she had on "the inside." This correspondence gave her the idea to turn her love of the "the life" into a greeting card company called JAIL MAIL.
  • Coming Clean 8 of 10
    On December 1, 2011 it has been reported that her ex-husband has been working as an informant for the FBI , which might have an impact on season 2.
  • Looking To The Future 9 of 10
    Renee sometimes longs for the good old days, but thanks to her friends she is slowly starting to realize that this is not a life she wants her son to lead. She struggles to balance her allegiance to the street life with her hopes that her son will live a life free of it all.
  • Statistics 10 of 10
    Over 83 prisons; 3,761 letters written; 153,674 miles driven to visits; Thousands of dollars in accepted collect phone calls; Known for never missing a visit in 22 years; and thanks to the Federal Bureau of Prisons has visited 43 of the 52 states.

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