11 Things You May Not Know About Breaking Bad!

Breaking hearts and TV watching habits everywhere, Breaking Bad returns for its final season, the last eight episodes, which begins running this Sunday. It will be the end with a much anticipated closure of this well respected, well reviewed and revered series by Vince Gilligan, a show that the Washington Post calls, “unerringly brilliant,” adding that it is “the best show of this decade and among the best shows in TV history.” Wow, those are some pretty big compliments for a show about cancer, meth production, and murder.

It’s a shame that we only get eight more episodes of this AMC hit, but all good things, even when they are about bad things, must come to an end. In honor of these last months, we are paying tribute to the trivia of Breaking Bad with 11 things you may not know about this “unerringly brilliant” show.

  • Breaking Bad 1 of 12

    11 things you may not know about Breaking Bad...

  • Bryan Cranston Got a Breaking Bad Tattoo 2 of 12

    After the filming wrapped for Breaking Bad, star Bryan Cranston got the show logo tattooed on his finger. He said of that night, "We were having a couple of drinks at a bar and they brought in a tattoo artist and we thought, 'Why not? This is the time to do it.'" As for the location, it is in the inside of one of his ring fingers.

    "Someone said, 'Well if you put it there, no one can see it," Cranston told E! "I said, 'I can see it.' So every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it, and I see that logo for Breaking Bad and it just makes me smile.'"

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  • BR BA 3 of 12

    The term "Breaking Bad," as defined by the Urban Dictionary, "Comes from the American Southwest slang phrase 'to break bad,' meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority, and to skirt the edges of the law."

    As for the title, the "Br" and "Ba" are highlighted for a reason. "Br" is the chemical symbol for bromine and "Ba" is the chemical symbol for barium.

    The title of the series is spelled using the chemical symbols for bromine ("Br"), and barium ("Ba"). Chemical symbols from the periodic table of the elements also appear in every name in the opening credits: a single capital letter, or letter-pair with only the first letter capitalized (in line with scientific convention), shown in a differing color.

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  • Breaking Color! 4 of 12
    Breaking Color

    Here's an interesting one, the colors that the actors wear are specific to the characters. For example, Jesse wears yellow (but when he is in recovery he wears gray), Skyler is usually in blue, Walter is generally dressed in green, the DEA agents wear orange, and Marie is generally in purple.

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  • Seinfeld 5 of 12

    There is a big Seinfeld connection with the cast of Breaking Bad:

    Bryan Cranston (who plays Walter) had the role of Dr. Tim Whatley, the dentist who Jerry believes converted to Judaism for the jokes.
    Anna Gunn (who plays Skyler) played his girlfriend in the episode named The Glasses.
    Bob Odenkirk played Ben Galvant, a character who dates Elaine, in The Abstinence episode.

    And Larry Harkin, who plays Old Joe, appeared on Seinfeld and was Larry David's first choice to play Kramer.  Also, Nigel Gibbs, Mark Harelik, and Jessica Hecht all appeared on both Seinfeld and Breaking Bad.

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  • C10H15N 6 of 12

    At the beginning of each episode you might notice the phrase C10H15N -- that is the formula for methamphetamine, and also the number 149.24, which is the molecular weight.

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  • Aaron Paul 7 of 12
    AMC's "Breaking Bad" The Final Episodes Culver City Premiere - Arrivals

    Aaron Paul's character Jesse was supposed to die at the end of season one, but his performance was so good, they kept him around! Aaron Paul said that, "the producers loved the odd-couple element between Jesse and Walt, and that idea of killing Jesse off was done."

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  • How I Met Your Mother 8 of 12

    How I Met Your Mother is worlds away from the content, setting, and theme of Breaking Bad, but there is some crossover in casting! Bryan Cranston, Matt Jones, and Bob Odenkirk have all appeared on the sitcom.

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  • X-Files 9 of 12

    And yes, a few Breaking Bad stars have appeared on Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother, but a WHOLE lot appeared in The X-Files. Which makes sense since Vince Gilligan produced The X-Files and also produces, and created, Breaking Bad.

    According to IMDB the appearances include:
    "Bryan Cranston in "Drive" (Season 6), Aaron Paul in "Lord of the Flies" (Season 9), Dean Norris in "F. Emasculata" (Season 2), Michael Shamus Wiles in "The End" (Season 5) and "En Ami" (Season 7), Raymond Cruz in "El Mundo Gira" (Season 4), Javier Grajeda in "Tithonus" (Season 6), Danny Trejo in "Redrum" (Season 8), Dale Dickey in "Existence" (Season 8), Dan Desmond in "Salvage" (Season 8), and John Koyama who served as a stuntman on the X-Files."

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  • Other Walters! 10 of 12
    "Grace is Gone" Los Angeles Premiere

    Apparently Sony and AMC were not sold on Bryan Cranston playing Walter White at first, since he was known mostly for his comic roles. Both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick were offered the lead role, but they both turned it down.

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  • Samuel L. Jackson 11 of 12
    Spike TV VGA 10th Annual Awards at Sony Studios on December 7, 2012

    Apparently Samuel L. Jackson wanted to create his own Avengers/Breaking Bad cross-over event! Both the Avengers and Breaking Bad were shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Jackson wanted to don his Nick Fury costume and make a cameo on the TV show. But the producers didn't approve. Jackson wanted to stop by the infamous Pollos Hermanos chicken place. "I just wanted to order a three piece and really freak people out," he joked. "Then people would be going, 'Wow, was that him?'"

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  • The Entourage & Breaking Bad Connection 12 of 12
    "Lagasse's Stadium" by Emeril Lagasse Las Vegas Grand Opening - Arrivals

    It's six degrees of Ari Emmanuel! In a recent interview on NPR's Fresh Air, Bob Odenkirk shared that his character on Breaking Bad - named Saul Goodman - was based a bit on Ari Emmanuel, his first agent when he came to LA. And Ari Emmanuel just so happened to be the inspiration of Jeremy Piven's agent Ari on Entourage.

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