12 Stars Who Have LOTS of Kids. Which Celebrities Have the Most?

You thought having four kids was a lot? Try, five, six, seven or even eight! But one thing about these 12 parents with multiple children? They can afford to put food on the table, cloth them and pay for extra helpĀ  ‘cos they’re rich and famous!

While none of them have as many kids a the Duggars, they have their fair share. Some add to their biological families with adoptions and some just keep on making them.

Check out these twelve celebrities and their big, big families and see who has the most kids!

  • 5 Kids: Justin Chambers 1 of 12
    Justin Chambers - of "Grey's Anatomy" - and his wife Keisha have five children- Isabella, twins Maya and Kaila, Eva, and Jackson.
  • 5 Kids: Chris O’Donnell 2 of 12
    Chris O'Donnell and his wife Caroline have five children - three sons and two daughters - Lily, Christopher, Charles, Finley, and Maeve.
  • 5 Kids: Donny Osmond 3 of 12
    Donny Osmond and his wife Debbie have all sons: Donald, Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and Joshua.
  • 6 Kids: Kris Jenner 4 of 12
    Reality TV mom Kris Jenner and her ex-husband Robert Kardashian (now deceased) had four children together, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert. When she married Bruce Jenner, they had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie for a total of 6 for Kris. Add in her hubbies four other children, and that would be a total of 10!
  • 6 Kids: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 5 of 12
    Also in the six kids club? Brad and Angelina of course. They have three adopted children and three biological kids.
  • 6 Kids: Kirk Cameron 6 of 12
    Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame and his wife Chelsea have six children, four of whom were adopted: Jack, Isabella, Anna, Luke, Olivia, and James.
  • 7 Kids: Kevin Costner 7 of 12
    Him and his wife Grace have three children, he has three kids from his marriage to Cindy Silva and a son from ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney.
  • 7 Kids: Steven Spielberg 8 of 12
    Steven Spielberg had a full house with seven children kids between him and wife Kate Capshaw; one from her previous marriage and one from his marriage to Amy Irving plus two children that they adopted.
  • 8 Kids: Marie Osmond 9 of 12
    Marie Osmond has eight children. One from her marriage to Stephen Craig and seven from her marriage to Brian Blosil two were biological and five were adopted.
  • 8 Kids: Mel Gibson 10 of 12
    Mel Gibson had a large family with his ex wife, they had seven children together. He then went on to have a baby with his girlfriend (now-ex) for a total of 8.
  • 8 Kids: Eddie Murphy 11 of 12
    It's a triple tie for first place, with Eddie Murphy also coming in with eight kids. He has five girls and 3 boys.
  • Kevin Federline 12 of 12
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