16 Literally Awesome Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume inspiration can come from a whole myriad of places, including classic Halloween characters, movies, TV, legends, and pop culture. But one of my favorite places to look for ideas is on the bookshelf. Instead of going with a standard ghost, goblin or — god forbid — Miley Cyrus, look to literature for inspiration!

We’ve put together 16 different Halloween costumes paying tribute to a wide range of characters from books, from Pippi Longstocking to Madeline to Katniss Everdeen. Check them out here!

  • Pippi Longstocking 1 of 16

    Pippi Longstocking is a total classic, and Pippi is completely unforgettable, not just for her super strength and odd habits, but for her outrageous outfit as well. You can never forget Pippi.

    Photo Source: HalloweenCostumes.com, available for $34.99

  • Paddington the Bear 2 of 16

    Paddington, everyone's favorite London-based bear, makes a super cute Halloween costume that's perfect for a chilly fall night. We love the small touches, like the PB on the pocket and the label on his wrist.

    Photo Source: The Costume Land, available for $48.99

  • Sherlock Holmes 3 of 16

    Sherlock Holmes will always be in style. The British detective has been a popular literary character for generations, and for good reason. He is one of the most thrilling and interesting sleuths in history.

    Photo Source: Spirit, available for $174.99

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4 of 16

    How adorable is the Eric Carle-inspired outfit? It's colorful, cherry, and oh so artistic — just like Eric Carle's work itself.

    Photo Source: Play.com, available for £12.93 here.

  • Madeline 5 of 16

    How adorable is this Madeline outfit? Ludwig Bemelmans' beloved character comes to life in this simple yet stylish Halloween costume.

    Photo Source: Costume Craze, available for $46.15

  • Where the Wild Things Are 6 of 16

    I have one wish — that this Pottery Barn Where the Wild Things Are Max costume came in my size. It's adorable and looks totally comfortable!

    Photo Source: Pottery Barn Kids, available here for $79

  • Hunger Games 7 of 16

    Katniss Everdeen is one powerful gal. And for those Hunger Games fans out there, you can totally play in this Suzanne Collins-inspired costume. 

    Photo Source: Spirit Halloween, available for $39.99 here.

  • Fancy Nancy 8 of 16

    Every little girl seems to have a thing for Fancy Nancy. This adorable dress, inspired by the book, was created by a very talented Etsy seller. And it's so cute, it could be worn as a party dress on days OTHER than Halloween.

    Photo Source: TinkerellaCreations/ Etsy, available for $220 here


  • Little House on the Prairie 9 of 16

    The Little House on the Prairie series captured the imagination of countless little girls over the span of decades, and for those who have caught Laura Ingalls Wilder fever, here is a lovely prairie-inspired outfit. Cat not included.

    Photo Source: Kellyscostumes/Etsy, available for $59.99

  • The Lorax 10 of 16

    How can you not love the Lorax? This costume by Pottery Barn is so sweet and adorable, and the trick or treat basket is a must.

    Photo Source: Pottery Barn Kids, available here for $54.99

  • Olivia 11 of 16

    Now this Olivia costume is adorable! A great way to pay tribute to the sweet piglet of literature.

    Photo Source: Halloween Costumes.com, available for $26.99

  • Harry Potter 12 of 16

    Not everyone wants to put a lightening bolt on their forehead and don a pair of thick glasses. Instead, you can go with a Harry Potter-inspired outfit like this Gryffindor Costume Robe. Come on, we all want to go to Hogwarts — this is a great way to pretend.

    Photo Source: Costume Craze, available for $30.97


  • Waldo 13 of 16

    This is a fabulous costume to wear when celebrating Halloween in a crowd.

    Photo Source: Buy Costumes, available for $36.99

  • Peter Pan 14 of 16

    Peter Pan never gets old, and neither does dressing up as him for Halloween!

    Photo Source: WebHats, available for $31.99 here

  • Wizard of Oz 15 of 16

    Dorothy is one of the most beloved little girls of literature, and this Oz-inspired outfit — complete with Toto in his basket — is a Baum dream come true.

    Photo Source: Buy Costumes, available for $27.99

  • Curious George 16 of 16

    The Man with The Yellow Hat of Curious George fame is a very sporty and eye-catching outfit. And no, it does not come with a real monkey. Sorry.

    Photo Source: Spirit Halloween, available for $39.99

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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