17 Really Weird Tattoos of Celebrity Parents: Which is the Strangest? (Photos)

Jack Black Tattoo

Let’s say you are a child of a celebrity. You are minding your own business when someone comes up and informs you that they are a big fan  of your parents. Not in a “I saw that one movie,” or a “I was a member of their official fan club” or “I subscribe to their tweets” sort of way but rather a “I adore them so much I got them permanently tattooed on my body,” sort of way.  Yeah,that would  pretty darn odd if not awkward.

Now, usually when someone gets a tattoo of another human being it is of their wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father or child. Not of some stranger. But some people, they just love their favorite celebrity that much…and many of these tattoo tributes to these star parents are just plain weird.

Check out these 16 other celebrity parent portrait tattoos. Which one do you think is the weirdest?

  • Will Ferrell 1 of 17
    Will Ferrell
    One really big Elf fan got this image of Will Ferrell on their limb.
    Photo Source: The Gloss
  • Britney Spears 2 of 17
    Britney Spears
    Let's hope this tattoo owner never crosses paths with Britney's boys...they do not need to be reminded of this time.
    Photo Source: Woondu
  • Kelsey Grammer 3 of 17
    Kelsey Grammer
    Oh you know Camille Grammer wouldn't be a fan of this tattoo!
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Ed O’Neil 4 of 17
    Ed O'Neil
    This famous patriarch of Married with Children and Modern Family fame was the subject of this portrait.
    Robot Vs Badger
  • Jessica Alba 5 of 17
    Jessica Alba
    Now this person must really love the mom of two!
    Photo Source: Robot Vs. Badger
  • Hugh Jackman 6 of 17
    Hugh Jackman
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, that is quite a statement.
    Photo Source UGO
  • Conan O’Brien 7 of 17
    Conan O'Brien
    This person is so a Team Coco member!
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Tony Danza 8 of 17
    Tony Danza
    This must be some kind of ironic hipster statement...or at least let's hope so.
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Sinead O’Conner 9 of 17
    Sinead O'Conner
    Mom Sinead O'Conner - in her heyday.
    Robot Vs Badger
  • Brad Pitt 10 of 17
    Brad Pitt
    A pretty vivid tat of Brad Pitt circa Inglorious Bastards.
    Photo Source: MD Tattoos
  • Angleina Jolie 11 of 17
    Angleina Jolie
    And Brad's not alone with the tribute tattoos - someone got one honoring Angie too!
    Photo Source: Tattoo Inspiration
  • Madonna 12 of 17
    This is quite a large portrait of the one and only Madonna.
    Photo Source: Odd Funny
  • Bjork 13 of 17
    Someone apparently is a very big Bjork fan.
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Hulk Hogan 14 of 17
    Hulk Hogan
    I wonder if this portrait gives the owner an inner toughness?
    Robot Vs Badger
  • Celine Dion 15 of 17
    Celine Dion
    Yes, this tattoo is a bit rough around the edges, but apparently it is of Celine Dion.
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Wierd Al Yankovic 16 of 17
    Wierd Al Yankovic
    And it's even signed!
    Photo Source: Best Week Ever
  • Tori Spelling 17 of 17
    Tori Spelling
    Okay, we cheated a little with this one. This is a tattoo that hubby Dean has of his wife!
    Photo Source: Evil Tattoo

Image Above via Robots Vs. Badgers

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