18 Most Monstrous Disney and Pixar Characters EVER

We opted to take a look at those classic, chilly and totally creepy monstrous characters that play such pivotal roles in Disney and Pixar films. The villains take many forms from a cute and cuddly bear to a very wicked stepmother, but they all – at their core – are monsters. Check out our round up of the 18 most monstrous Disney and Pixar Characters here:

  • 18 Most Monstrous Disney and Pixar Characters EVER 1 of 19
  • Scar from Lion King 2 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Family Betrayal

    You can choose your relatives, you are stuck with them even when they are completely and totally evil. Scar of The Lion King has no love for his kin and the blood lines that they share mean nothing to him. Oh, and the hyenas he hangs out with, they're pretty monstrous too.

  • Lady Tremaine of Cinderella 3 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Favoritism

    Lady Tremaine is the poster lady for the evil stepmothers everywhere, putting the needs of her own daughters far above those of the stepdaughter entrusted in her care. But one thing that always crosses my mind, why did Cinderella's father marry this monstrous lady in the first place?

  • Maleficent 4 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Bitterness

    Let's say you aren't invited to an event or a party, you may be sad or sulk a bit, but do you curse the guest of honor? No, of course not. But who does? Maleficent. When not invited to Princess Aurora's christening, the Sleeping Beauty villain curses the young beauty. Yeah, she is one bitter broad.

  • Cruella de Vil 5 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Animal Cruelty

    Cruella de Vil of The Hundred and One Dalmatians really loves her fur. So much so she'd do anything to get the softest and most beautiful pelts around, even stealing family dogs to get it. Yeah, that's pretty monstrous. 

  • Madame Medusa of The Rescuers 6 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Greed

    The Rescuers villain Madame Medusa will do anything to get what she wants, even kidnapping young orphans.

  • Kaa From Jungle Book 7 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Hypnotic

    While Shere Khan is actually the "big bad" in The Jungle Book," Kaa's hypnotic power with his song "Trust in Me," is way creepier than anything Shere Khan does. And an interesting fact, in Rudyard Kipling's original book, Kaa is actually a mentor to Mowgli.

  • Stromboli From Pinocchio 8 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Heartless Greed

    Pinocchio's Stromboli is all about the bottom line and will do anything for a buck. He cruelly burns his old marionettes when they cease to be useful and totally uses Pinocchio for his unique talents, keeping the poor kid locked in a bird cage.

  • Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective 9 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Power Hungry

    Ratigan, the ruler of Mousedom in The Great Mouse Detective, is completely power hungry and wants complete and total control and will do anything to get it. And his rat-ness really brings the creepy.

  • Jafar from Aladdin 10 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Greed

    Jafar wants it all, the castle, the kingdom and even Jasmine. He may be able to play like he is normal, but he is pure evil.

  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid 11 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Sinister and Merfolk Collector

    Poor unfortunate souls, those are just some of the things Ursula collects, along with Ariel's voice. She's a powerful foe and is one mean sea witch.

  • The Evil Queen / Hag From Snow White 12 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Vanity

    Snow White's Evil Queen is all about vanity, but that doesn't stop her from getting ugly. Her transformation into the Hag is one that is not just legendary but very monstrous.

  • Queen Narissa Enchanted 13 of 19
    Layout 1

    Most Monstrous Trait: Power Hungry

    Queen Narissa, played by Susan Saradon in Disney's live action epic Enchanted, is deliciously evil and creepy, especially when she is transformed into the very monstrous dragon in the last part of the film.

  • Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog 14 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Magic and Manipulation

    Dr. Facilier of The Princess and the Frog, is a master manipulator, using his magic and voodoo for his own gains. But the creepiest thing about Dr. Facilier are his sinister shadows that follow up around.

  • Sid from Toy Story 15 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Cruelty to Toys

    Toys beware! No plaything likes to be destroyed, especially by the hands of a totally wild and angst-filled child. Sid is a pint-sized monster of the human variety.

  • Hopper from Bug’s Life 16 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Power Hungry

    I never thought of a grasshopper as being evil, but Hopper in A Bug's Life is certainly that. He's cruel, vicious and completely intimidating.

  • Randall from Monsters Inc., 17 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Corporate espionage and child endangerment

    Randall of Monsters Inc.,  is a corporate stooge, one who does the dirty work for "the man." And he doesn't care who he hurts, even an adorable little girl like Boo. He is one monstrous monster.


  • Lotso 18 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Spitefulness

    Sure, Lotso from Toy Story 3 seems all cute and cuddly, but in is one very bitter bear. There is a certain enhanced creepiness when the villains present themselves as cute.

  • Mor’ du from Brave 19 of 19

    Most Monstrous Trait: Barbaric

    Brave's Mor' du is a lost soul. He was once human but then became a vicious and very violent 15-foot tall black bear. He is one monstrous mammal.



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