20 Celeb Moms & How Much Weight They Gained During Pregnancy (Photos)

bethenny frankel
Bethenny Frankel gained 35 pounds while pregnant.

Have you ever looked at pictures of pregnant celebrities and wondered how much weight they actually gained while expecting their babies? While some famous mamas are very open about how many pounds they put on during their pregnancies, others insist that they barely gained any weight at all, or they claim that it somehow magically fell off before they even left the hospital.

Whether you are a celeb or not, pregnancy weight gain is pretty much inevitable. In fact, it’s essential to the health and well being of your baby. No one likes putting on weight, however, and seeing your shape change so drastically while pregnant can be very emotional for some women.

I am not shy about the fact that I gained 50 pounds while pregnant with my son. Right after I found out I was expecting, I remember telling people that I didn’t plan on gaining more than 20 pounds. I got a huge wake up call when I hit that number by about month four! After that, I pretty much gave up on trying to limit my weight gain, and told myself that this was the only time in my life where I wouldn’t have to worry about the scale.

Celeb mom Bethenny Frankel definitely bounced back from her pregnancy fairly quickly. She gained 35 pounds while expecting daughter, Bryn, which is a very healthy number according to most physicians. Not gaining too much weight certainly helped Bethenny get back to her Skinny Girl status post-baby!

To see how much weight 20 other celebrity moms gained while pregnant, check out the photos below.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Catherine Zeta Jones 1 of 20
    Catherine Zeta Jones
    Catherine gained 50 pounds.
  • Christina Aguilera 2 of 20
    Christina Aguilera
    Christina put on 40 pounds with Max.
  • Denise Richards 3 of 20
    Denise Richards
    Denise had a 30 pound weight gain during her pregnancies.
  • Gabrielle Reece 4 of 20
    Gabrielle Reece
    Gabrielle gained 34 pounds.
  • Gisele Bundchen 5 of 20
    Gisele Bundchen
    Super skinny Gisele only gained 30 pounds.
  • Isla Fisher 6 of 20
    Isla Fisher
    Isla put on 30 pounds while pregnant.
  • Jamie Pressley 7 of 20
    Jamie Pressley
    Jamie had a 42 pound weight gain.
  • Jennifer Lopez 8 of 20
    Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer gained 50 pounds while pregnant with her twins. Not bad!
  • Jenny McCarthy 9 of 20
    Jenny McCarthy
    Jenny does not hide the fact that she put on a whopping 80 pounds with son Evan!
  • Jessica Alba 10 of 20
    Jessica Alba
    While pregnant with Honor, Jessica only gained 25 pounds.
  • Kate Hudson 11 of 20
    Kate Hudson
    Kate put on close to 70 pounds while expecting Ryder. She appeared lighter the second time around.
  • Kendra Wilkinson 12 of 20
    Kendra Wilkinson
    Kendra worked hard to lose the 60 pounds she put on during pregnancy.
  • Kourtney Kardashian 13 of 20
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Kourtney gained 45 pounds.
  • Leah Remini 14 of 20
    Leah Remini
    Leah is another celeb mom who gained 80 pounds.
  • Melissa Joan Hart 15 of 20
    Melissa Joan Hart
    Melissa put on 55 pounds.
  • Nicole Richie 16 of 20
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole gained a healthy 35 pounds during pregnancy.
  • Padma Lakshmi 17 of 20
    Padma Lakshmi
    Padma put on a mere 25 pounds.
  • Salma Hayek 18 of 20
    Salma Hayek
    Salma's pregnancy weight gain was 30 pounds.
  • Uma Thurman 19 of 20
    Uma Thurman
    Uma was another small gainer, adding only 25 pounds to her frame.
  • Milla Jovovich 20 of 20
    Milla Jovovich
    Milla weighed in 70 pounds heavier than her normal weight right before delivery!

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