20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Canadian

Sometimes there are big giveaways – totally obvious clues that someone is from Canada. It could be their overuse of the word “eh,” or their pronunciation of the word “boot,” or their yearnings for poutine, but sometimes none of those come up and the Canucks totally blend in with the neighbors here in the states. One type of Canadian that has a knack for keeping their nationality on the down-low are actors, who are trained to hide their accents, however slight they may be.

Check out these 20 celebrities who are from Canada. Whose northern roots surprise you the most?

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  • Ryan Gosling 2 of 20

    Yes, heartthrob and meme star, the one and only Ryan Gosling is from London, Ontario.  He lived in Canada until he got picked up by The Mickey Mouse Club and then moved to Orlando, Florida when he was just 12. He lived there for two years and then came back to Canada, until his star rose and he came again stateside.


  • Ryan Reynolds 3 of 20
    Ryan Reynolds

    Hunk Ryan Reynolds harkens from Vancouver, British Columbia. He got his start on Canadian TV on a soap opera called Hillside.

    He once said of Canada: "I'm not a hockey fan, which is probably why I had to leave Canada in the first place."


  • Michael Cera 4 of 20

    Arrested Development star Michael Cera is a Canuck! He hails from Brampton, Ontario and honed his chops at the Second City in Toronto.

    He said of being from up North, "I'm not stereotypically Canadian. I don't really follow hockey. I don't feel like anything other than myself, basically."

  • Seth Rogen 5 of 20

    Did you know that Seth Rogen was Canadian? Yeah, neither did I. But he was indeed born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He lived there until he got his big break in Judd Apatow's Freaks and Geeks.

    Seth Rogan gave a shout-out to Canadian humor saying, "I think Canadian comedy is a little darker in general. To me, Kids in the Hall is just the benchmark, and it's very twisted and absurd."

  • Rachel McAdams 6 of 20

    Actress Rachel McAdams was born in London, Ontario but grew up in St. Thomas. She got her start on the Canadian stage.

    She once talked about her summer traditions in Canada saying, "My family rented a cottage in Canada. They'd blare "Wake Up Little Susie" at seven in the morning throughout the entire campground. Everyone would roll over to the lodge and have sticky buns for breakfast, and then we'd jump on the trampoline all day long."


  • Nathan Fillion 7 of 20

    Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion comes from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He left for the bright lights of New York City when he was 23, where he got his start on One Life to Live.

    He once spoke about the national pastime of hockey saying,  "I grew up in Edmonton Alberta. So I was a huge fan of the Oilers at the time. We had a 19 year old Wayne Gretzky smash every record ever. At 19. It was hard not to be excited about."

  • Eric McCormack 8 of 20

    Did you know Will was Canadian? Well, not Will from Will and Grace but rather Eric McCormack who played the lovable Will. He was born in Toronto, Ontario and started his career on the stages of Canada. He then moved to Los Angeles after his TV debut, also in Canada.

    He said on the topic: "I think there's a certain objectivity that comes from being Canadian. You're partly British and partly American; you have a good bird's-eye view of both countries. So much of the comedy that comes out of Canada is impersonation - it's less 'look at me' than it is 'look at me playing other people.'"

  • Catherine O’Hara 9 of 20

    Catherine O'Hara has been in a whole slew of films we all love - from After Hours to Beetlejuice to Home Alone to Best in Show. But this busy Hollywood actress got her start in her native Toronto at the Second City.

  • Hayden Christensen 10 of 20

    Hayden Christensen, known for his work in the Star Wars series, calls Vancouver, British Columbia home. He got his start on Canadian TV before heading to Hollywood.

    One thing he was doing in Canada -  flirting with destiny. He said in an interview once, "A long time ago, in a country not so far away, I was eight years old, doing my best Darth Vader imitation."

  • Jim Carrey 11 of 20

    Comedian Jim Carrey may be an American comedic treasure but he's actually from Newmarket, Ontario.

    He may have left Canada behind but he knows he could have easily been there for life. He once said in an interview: "If my career in show business hadn't panned out I would probably be working today in Hamilton, Ontario at the Dofasco steel mill."

  • Howie Mandel 12 of 20

    Comedian and TV host Howie Mandel was originally from Toronto, Ontario but he got his big break in Los Angeles after performing at the Comedy Store.

    He worked his native land into his comedy act, once quipping, "I'm from Canada, so Thanksgiving to me is just Thursday with more food. And I'm thankful for that."

  • James Cameron 13 of 20

    Film director James Cameron isn't some Hollywood-born filmmaker, he comes from Kapuskasing, Ontario, and grew up in Chippawa. But his family moved to Los Angeles when he was 17, playing a big part in his destiny.

    He once spoke of his hometown saying, "I lived in a small town. It was 2,000 people in Canada. A little river that went through it and we swam in the - you know, there was a lot of water around. Niagara Falls was about four or five miles away."

  • Drake 14 of 20

    Not that many big time hip-hop artists come from Canada, but Drake is one. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario and got his start on Canadian TV on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    He spoke of his early days on TV saying, "My mother was very sick. We were very poor, like broke. The only money I had coming in was off of Canadian TV, which isn't that much money when you break it down. A season of Canadian television is under a teacher's salary, I'll tell you that much. It's definitely not something to go f*&ing get."

  • Michael Buble 15 of 20

    Crooner Michael Bublé may have won the hearts of Americans all over, but his own heart belongs in Burnaby, British Columbia.

    He is a big fan of ice hockey saying, "I wanted so bad to be a hockey player... If I was any good at hockey, I probably wouldn't be singing right now."

  • Jason Priestley 16 of 20

    Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestly doesn't come from the hills of Los Angeles, but rather from Vancouver, British Columbia. But he is Canadian no longer, he became a U.S. citizen in 2007.

  • Cory Monteith 17 of 20

    Finn of Glee fame may play an American high schooler but he's actually from Calgary, Alberta.

    Cory went to many different schools in Canada (he was a troubled youth), and worked a variety of jobs. He once said in an interview, "I used to do tech support for MSN in Canada."

  • Cobie Smulders 18 of 20

    The How I Met Your Mother star originally came from Vancouver, British Columbia. Apparently she says "eh," so much that the producers of How I Met Your Mother opted just to make her character Canadian.

  • Stana Katic 19 of 20

    The Castle star was born in Hamilton, Ontario to Serbian parents.

    She said of her accent that pops up, "People ask 'How do you get so eh-ish?' I don't know if it's just because so much of my family still lives in Canada and I finished studies up there."

  • Sandra Oh 20 of 20

    The Grey's Anatomy star Sandra Oh was originally from the Ottawa suburb of Nepean. She did a whole lot of work in Canada before making it big in the states with roles in such films as Under the Tuscan Sun and Sideways.

    She once spoke of the differences between working in the US and her home country, "And on a Canadian set, everybody is equal. You get paid the same. You live together in barracks. You have a communal kitchen. You buy and cook your own food."

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