20 Celebrity Moms from TV: Then and Now! (Photos)

From Katie Holmes and Kristin Bell to Jessica Simpson, look at 20 celebrity television moms from then to now!

All celebrity moms had to start their road to celebrity somewhere, right? Do you remember the first time you saw Courteney Cox on television? While many of us remember her on Friends, some of us clearly remember when she jumped on the stage with Bruce Springsteen in his “Dancing in the Dark” video or when she was dating Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties.

Everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex In The City, but who remembers Square Pegs? And Katie Holmes… okay, we all knew and loved Katie Holmes as Joey in Dawson’s Creek.

I love reminiscing about the early careers of some of our latest celebrity moms.  It makes me feel a little more connected or almost like we’ve grown up together.

Check out 20 Celebrity Moms Then and Now!


  • Amy Poehler- Then 1 of 40

    Amy was one of the leading women on Saturday Night Live. She has done so many hilarious characters, but two of my favorites are Kaitlin and Hilary Clinton! Do you have any favorite Amy moments?


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  • Amy Poehler- Now 2 of 40

    Amy now has two adorable sons, Abel and Archie! She also stars as Leslie Knope, the Director of the Parks Department, on the television show Parks and Recreation.


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  • Anna Paquin- Then 3 of 40

    Anna is a pretty amazing actress- she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 when she was just 11! And her huge break into television happened when she scored the leading role of Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood.


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  • Anna Paquin- Now 4 of 40

    Anna is still starring on True Blood, and she now has a son, Charlie, and a daughter, Poppy - who are fraternal twins!


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  • Bethenny Frankel – Then 5 of 40

    Remember Bethenny on the Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo? When she wasn't surrounded by drama on television she was busy expanding her Skinnygirl cocktails company. I've tried the Skinnygirl Margarita which is really refreshing!


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  • Bethenny Frankel- Now 6 of 40

    Bethenny sold Skinnygirl in 2011 for about $100 million! She is now working on building her 'Bethenny' brand with a number of health books and a new tv show coming this Fall. And she loves spending time with her three-year-old daughter Bryn!


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  • Courteney Cox- Then 7 of 40

    One of my all-time favorite shows is Friends! Courteney starred as Monica Geller who I think was hilarious. Daily, I find myself quoting Monica! My fave is... "Chicken? I could eat Chicken!" .... What's your favorite Friends episode?


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  • Courteney Cox- Now 8 of 40

    Ever since Friends, Courteney has had such a successful career! She now stars as Jules Cobb on Cougar Town and has a 9-year-old daughter named Coco.


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  • Giuliana Rancic- Then 9 of 40

    Giuilana has been the well-known face we see on E! News and the Fashion Police for many years! She and her husband Bill Rancic got their own reality show called Giuliana & Bill just as they were starting to try to have a baby.


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  • Giuliana Rancic- Now 10 of 40

    Giuliana's hilarious and warm personality has led her to a lot of success on television. And having spent time with her I can definitely say that she is the type of friend anyone would want to have! Aside from her E! tv shows, she and Bill welcomed their son Edward Duke Rancic last year. I can't wait to see little Duke at home on their upcoming season of Giuliana & Bill!


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  • Hilary Duff- Then 11 of 40

    Lizzie McGuire always had the cutest clothes, the most fun friends, and the coolest parents! This was one of those wholesome Disney shows for older kids that taught them good life lessons. I loved that how no matter what crazy situation Lizzie found herself in- from bullies to boy trouble- she realized that it's always best to be yourself and to not sweat the small stuff!

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  • Hilary Duff- Now 12 of 40

    Hilary has acted in a few movies since Lizzie McGuire such as A Cinderella Story and Raise Your Voice. In 2010 she married retired hockey player Mike Comrie and they had their son Luca in 2012. Nowadays she really focuses on being a mom to her son Luca! They have such a wonderful relationship and when they're together they both look so happy!  

    (Photo Source: Pacific Coast News)

  • Jennifer Garner- Then 13 of 40

    I remember spending hours watching Jennifer Garner fight crime for the CIA as Sydney Bristow in Alias! Every episode was so suspenseful, and it was fun seeing the different aliases she would have to portray- not to mention, Jennifer could really kick some butt!


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  • Jennifer Garner- Now 14 of 40

    Jennifer Garner is what we call a supermom- she's always seen spending time with her kids around town, she has a wonderful relationship with her husband Ben Affleck, and she still makes time to act in movies! Here she is with her daughters Violet and Seraphina. She also has a son, Samuel.


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  • Jessica Simpson- Then 15 of 40

    I will always remember Jessica's infamous and silly quote that came from Newlyweds when she was eating a can of tuna- "The can says Chicken of the Sea, so is it chicken or fish?" I enjoyed seeing the ups and downs of her and Nick's first year of marriage on Newlyweds and even thought they aren't together any longer, Jess is still one of my favorite celebrities!


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  • Jessica Simpson- Now 16 of 40

    Jessica's career, which started in the recording industry, has now expanded to the television and fashion worlds. Her line, Jessica Simpson Collection, has the most adorable shoes and handbags, and I love hearing her insight as a judge on the tv show Fashion Star! Jess is also the mom to her daughter Maxwell Drew and her newborn son Ace Knute.


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  • Jodie Sweetin- Then 17 of 40

    Jodie starred as Stephanie Tanner, the middle daughter on Full House. I remember that as the middle child Stephanie sometimes felt left out, but her dad Danny always talked to her and said he loved his girls equally!


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  • Jodie Sweetin- Now 18 of 40

    Jodie dealt with some drug and alcohol issues after Full House, but now she is clean and happy! She has two beautiful daughters- 5 year-old Zoie Laurelmae, and 2 year-old Beatrix Carlin.


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus- Then 19 of 40

    Everyone remembers quirky Elaine from Seinfeld! Julia played Elaine for all 9 seasons before moving on to other television shows. Do you have a favorite Elaine moment on Seinfeld?


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  • Julia Louis Dreyfus- Now 20 of 40

    Julia has had so much success on tv! Since Seinfeld she has had lead roles in the comedies The New Adventures of Old Christine and Veep, which she is currently working on. She also has two sons, Henry and Charles.


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Katie Holmes- Then 21 of 40

    Katie's big break came from her role as Joey on Dawson's Creek. Joey seemed like one of those girls who you wanted to be friends with, which was probably why Katie became such a well-known actress after acting on Dawson's Creek.


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  • Katie Holmes- Now 22 of 40

    Katie and her mini-me daughter Suri Cruise are often seen walking around New York City together. Katie and Tom Cruise were married for six years and had Suri in 2006, but they sadly divorced in 2012. Suri is known as a little fashionista and I love seeing all of her cute outfits!


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  • Kim Kardashian- Then 23 of 40

    Kim and the infamous Kardashian clan started filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007. Then, Kim was a famous model looking to make her next move in pop culture. I don't think anyone could have predicted how famous the Kardashians would get from Keeping Up with the Kardashians!


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  • Kim Kardashian- Now 24 of 40

    The arrival of Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West's baby was one of the biggest events in pop culture this year! Kim gave birth to baby North West on June 15, 2013, but the next big question is are they getting married or not!


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Kristen Bell- Then 25 of 40

    I first realized that Kristen was one cool girl when I saw her as Veronica Mars! Not only did she solve mysteries but she could stand up for herself and was really smart. I am so excited for the Veronica Mars movie coming out in 2014!


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  • Kristen Bell- Now 26 of 40

    Here's a photo of Kristen on the set of the Veronica Mars movie with one of her costars. Kristen and her fiancee Dax Shepard welcomed their daughter Lincoln Bell Shepard in March 2013. She has also been in a lot of movies since Veronica Mars ended such as Couples Retreat, When in Rome, and one of my favorites, Burlesque!


    (Image credit: Who Say)

  • Kristin Cavallari- Then 27 of 40

    Laguna Beach was one of the first shows that started the wave of MTV reality dramas. I have to admit, Laguna Beach was a little bit of a guilty pleasure and even though most of it was scripted, it was very entertaining tuning in each week to see what would happen in the Kristin Cavallari/Lauren Conrad feud! Kristin was pegged as the mean girl who liked to party and she became the voice of the show in the second season.


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  • Kristin Cavallari- Now 28 of 40

    Kristin has grown up a lot since Laguna Beach ended. She is involved in a number of charities, she married Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and she had a baby boy named Camden Jack Cutler in 2012!


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  • Nicole Richie- Then 29 of 40

    Nicole and her BFF Paris Hilton starred in the hilarious and over-the-top reality show The Simple Life which took them out of their comfortable Hollywood lifestyle and showed them how the rest of America lives. They had to work low paying jobs such as doing manual labor on a farm, serving fast food, and cleaning rooms as janitors!


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  • Nicole Richie- Now 30 of 40

    Nicole is another one of those Hollywood girls who had experienced reality tv but has now matured to be happy and successful. She is a mentor on the show Fashion Star and has two children, a daughter named Harlow and a son named Sparrow.


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  • Rachel Zoe- Then 31 of 40

    Rachel rose to fame by becoming the most famous celebrity stylist! At the beginning of her career she was busy styling music videos and photo shoots.


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  • Rachel Zoe- Now 32 of 40

    Now busier than ever, Rachel is the stylist to the stars. She has put together red carpet looks for Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Lawrence, and so many more. One of my favorite Rachel styling moments was Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar look last year when she won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.

    Rachel is the mom of adorable and always stylish Skyler Morrison Berman and she and her husband Rodger recently announced that Rach is pregnant again!


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Sarah Jessica Parker- Then 33 of 40

    Even though Square Pegs was only on for one season, Sarah Jessica was so memorable as Patty Greene. High school can be awkward for all of us, but all of her quirks made me love her even more!


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  • Sarah Jessica Parker- Now 34 of 40

    Sarah Jessica's role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City made her one of the most recognizable stars today. She married actor Matthew Broderick in 1997 and she's now often seen walking around town with her 4 year-old twins Marion and Tabitha. Jessica has always been a fashionista and dresses her twins in matching outfits!


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  • Soleil Moon Frye- Then 35 of 40

    How could you forget the lovable troublemaker Punky Brewster! Soleil Moon Frye won the role of Punky at just 7 years old! When I was a kid I loved how independent she was and how she could make anyone around her laugh.


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  • Soleil Moon Frye- Now 36 of 40

    Today Soleil is totally focused on raising her two beautiful daughters, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg and Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg. She also has an organic children's clothing store in LA and has written a book Happy Chaos: From Punky to Parenting and My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures in Between.


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Tia and Tamera Mowry- Then 37 of 40

    Sister SISTERRR! That theme song is so memorable! I loved seeing all of the crazy situations that Tia and Tamera would get themselves into in Sister Sister... and their relationship as sisters secretly made me want a twin!


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  • Tia and Tamera Mowry- Now 38 of 40

    Tia and Tamera are still on tv, but on their own reality show called (very fittingly!) Tia and Tamera! Tia is now the mother of two year-old Cree Taylor Hardrich, and Tamera's son Aden will celebrate his 1st birthday in November! I'm glad that such down-to-earth girls have found success and happiness in their lives.


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

  • Tori Spelling- Then 39 of 40

    I can definitely say that Donna Martin, Tori's character on Beverly Hills 90210, was my favorite character! She was honest, genuine, and a good friend even when faced with tough decisions about friends and relationships. Tori played Donna for all 10 seasons.


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  • Tori Spelling- Now 40 of 40

    Tori married Dean McDermott in 2006 and they have four children together- Liam, Finn, Stella, and Hattie. Tori is another one of those Hollywood supermoms who loves spending lots of time with her kids! She has also written books about her experiences growing up in Hollywood (her father is tv producer Aaron Spelling) and motherhood.


    (Image credit: Pacific Coast News)

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