20 Coolest Star Wars x Disney Mash-Ups (Photos)

A funny thing happened when the Walt Disney Company bought Lucas Arts and the Star Wars empire. It wasn’t the billions that were reportedly paid for the right to the beloved epic. It wasn’t that that the biggest entertainment company in the world just got bigger. It was the artistic inspiration that the business move evoked. After the news of the acquisition made the headlines, artists, cartoonists and illustrators got busy with a slew of Disney x Star Wars mash-ups.

In honor of May the Fourth and the upcoming Star Wars Day at Disneyland and Disney World, we’ve collected 20 of the coolest Star Wars and Disney mash-ups created honoring a marriage of these two beloved and iconic brands. Check them out here!

  • Disney x Star Wars 1 of 22
    Star Wars x Disney2
  • The Classic 2 of 22
    disney Star Wars -

    This one is pretty stunning, and perfectly done.

    Photo Source: Stallnig

  • Castle 3 of 22

    "R2, are you that THIS is Jabba's palace?"asks C3PO. Awesome.

    Photo Source: Rodmkrzy


  • Up x Han Solo and Princess Leia 4 of 22

    This one is so sweet, such a romantic nod to both Up and Star Wars by James Hance (we'll be featuring his work in a post coming up so keep a look out for it!)

    Photo Source: James Hance

  • Disney Strikes Again 5 of 22
    Disney again

    A beautifully done piece of Disney x Star Wars artwork by AndersRN.

    Photo Source: AndersRN


  • Death Star x Mickey Mouse 6 of 22
    death star

    A beautifully done mash up of the Death Star and Micky Mouse. Totally poster worthy!

    Photo Source: GENZOMAN

  • Hi Girls 7 of 22
    hi girls

    Princess Leia with her peeps by the amazing French artist David Gilson.

    Photo Source: David Gilson

  • Oswald x Star Wars 8 of 22

    Old school meets new school. EpicOswald88 created this mash-up of Oswald and Luke and Leia with super cute results.

    Photo Source: EpicOswald88

  • A Very Princess Leia 9 of 22
    Disney Princess Leia

    This is a very Disney princess styled Princess Leia. Perfect don't you think?

    Photo Source: Bewareitbites

  • Cinderella Ship 10 of 22

    DeviantART illustrator Shoze credited this super cool Cinderella x Star Wars mash-up. Love the colors.

    Photo Source: Shoze

  • The Gang’s All Here 11 of 22

    Artist Paul Shipper did this piece called The Gang's All Here paying tribute to the Star Wars x Disney merger.

    Photo Source: Paul Shipper

  • Toon Wars 12 of 22

    This is one of the cutest mash-ups! Winnie the Pooh joins the Star Wars gang!

    Photo Source: Francesco Francavilla

  • Daisy x C3PO 13 of 22

    It's Daisy as C3po! What a perfect fit huh!

    Photo Source: Nathan Boyd

  • New Item 17 14 of 22

    Branden Lamb was inspired by the Sword and the Stone and did this fabulous mash-up. So cool.

    Photo Source: Branden Lamb

  • New Item 18 15 of 22

    Illustrator James Silvani did an entire series of Star Wars x Mash-ups that are expertly executed.

    Photo Source: SilvaniArt


  • Mickey Mouse x Jedi 16 of 22

    Artist Tom Hodges turned Mickey Mouse into Jedi! The Force is with him!

    Photo Source: Etsy/HodgesArt Print available here for $25.

  • Mickey Mouse and Goofy: Star Wars Style 17 of 22

    Etsy seller SteGentileNerdArt created this awesome Goofy and Mickey Mouse mash-up with R2-D2 and C3PO.

    Photo Source: Esty/SteGentileNerdArt Buy a print here for $12.

  • Snow White x Princess Leia 18 of 22

    Karen Hallion created this awesome ode to both Snow White and Princess Leai.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ khallion  Buy here for $25.

  • Pocahontas 19 of 22

    White-Magician did an amazing series of light saber holding Princesses like this Pocohantas one!

    Photo Source: White Magician

  • Slave Princess Jasmine 20 of 22

    Subtle, yet perfect. Ralph Sevelius created this gorgeous Jasmine x Princess Leia image.

    Photo Source: Ralph Sevelius

  • Star Wars VII 21 of 22
    Star Wars Disney

    SoenkesAdventure created the poster for their take on Star Ward VII: Stormtrooper in Wonderland.

    Photo Source: SoenkesAdventure

  • When You Wish 22 of 22
    Star Wars Disney Art

    "When You Wish Upon A Death Star." Of course this pun HAD to be made.

    Photo Source: LiquidSoulDesign

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