20 Things We Miss from the 2000s!

The Aughts (or the 2000s, as we common folk like to refer to it) was a damn good decade. I mean, it might not have been a good time to purchase a house (especially in 2006), buy a Cadillac Escalade SUV (gas is how much now?), or get a loan after the economic downturn of 2008, but it did spawn some great pop culture moments: a very hot and untoxic pre-2007 Britney Spears; Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan as innocent, wide-eyed pop tartlets; and a chance to become a member of the freaks and geeks club.

And there were also trucker hats, zebra highlights, peasant tops, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey reality shows, dirrrrty Christina Aguilera videos, Orange County obsessions, unscripted reality shows, and much, much more. Check out my photo gallery of some of the things that I totally miss from the 2000s, and let me know if I missed anything. Well, I’m sure I missed a lot, but let me know if I missed anything that totally rocked your world during that decade that might have missed mine. You know, like Justin Timberlake’s frosted highlights or his-and-hers Canadian tuxedos.

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  • Blockbuster 2 of 20

    You do not know how many times my sister took my Blockbuster card and rented movies like Finding Nemo, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Shaun of The Dead while leaving me a massive bill in late fees to pay. Thankfully, all of those fees have been waived, and I'm in the clear!

  • The iPod 3 of 20

    The first generated 1G iPod. OMG, what did I do with mine??? I remember being so envious of other people who flaunted their little white earbuds and iPods everywhere they went back in '04. I mean, HELLO, it was the original device that could store up to 400 songs at once! Now that I'm thinking about it, the first generation iPod was so much more awesome than the iPad because, well, it didn't crack as often each time I'd accidentally drop it. Now each time my kids put their greasy little Cheerio-dusted hands on our family iPad, I cringe thinking about how much it's going to cost when they crack the screen YET AGAIN.

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  • Uggs 4 of 20

    UGGS! Pamela Anderson breathed, slept, swam, hiked, traveled, and lived in them. And so did I, and I'm sure you did, too.

  • Bennifer 5 of 20

    Actually, it's not Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as a couple that we missed but their Bennifer moniker instead. Yes, it was Bennifer that spawned a million other Bennifer-like celebrity couple nicknames, including but not limited to: Brangelina, Robsten, Kimye, and so forth.

  • Sex and the City 6 of 20

    Sex and the City. Carrie. Big. Samantha. Charlotte. Miranda. I cried, I laughed, I nearly peed my pants while watching some episodes. There will never be another series as good, heartfelt, and genuine as SATC. Sorry, Girls, but you are nowhere near the mark.

  • Crocs 7 of 20

    Crocs. A lot of people consider them to be the ugliest fashion statement EVER, and they are actually responsible for the first Facebook fan page, I don't care how comfortable crocs are, you look like a dumbass, which ended up having 1.5 million fans. Here's Jared Leto in his silver crocs in 2006.

  • Trucker Hats 8 of 20

    Trucker hats. Von Dutch hats. Go ahead and admit it, you had one, too. I had one, we all had one. They were pricey and made us look like Ashton Kutcher prototypes, but they were everywhere in 2003 until they died a sudden and quick death a year later when Ed Hardy came onto the scene.

  • Paris Hilton 9 of 20

    For some odd reason, I miss Paris Hilton. I know, it's a crazy thought to have, but since we've been totally inundated with all things Kardashian for the past five years, Paris just seems so harmless in comparison, doesn't she? Okay, never mind. Thought recalled.

  • Hannah Montana 10 of 20

    RIP Hannah Montana. Can you believe that this is the same person who we saw dancing on stage with Robin Thicke at the MTV Music Awards just a few short months ago? Hannah, we miss the bubble gum you.

  • AOL 11 of 20

    Do you remember what your first AOL instant messenger screen name was? I do. But I'm not sharing it. It's just too embarrassing. I'm sure that the only people still using their AOL email accounts these days are our parents!

  • Mean Girls 12 of 20

    Mean Girls is a movie that I can watch a gazillion times over, and not just because it's always on TBS, but because it was a great movie with a great message and a great cast. Plus, I miss Lindsay Lohan with her natural reddish locks. Someone put that girl in a time machine and take her back to 2003. We'll all be in a better place because of it.

  • The Weakest Link 13 of 20

    You get 100 bonus points if you can remember her name. No, seriously, what's her name again?

  • Kazaa 14 of 20

    Kazaa was my iTunes, kids! Kazaa started as a peer-to-peer file sharing application and killed the CD basically. The application was subsequently pulled down in August of 2012.

  • Britney Spears 15 of 20

    You guys. YOU GUYS. This was my theme song for 2004. I miss the old Britney, the Onyx tour, the crazy Kevin Federline days. I miss anything that's pre-2007 medicated Britney. Plus, she looked incredibly HOT in this video.

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  • Silly Bandz 16 of 20

    My sister had a truckload of these! After awareness bracelets died (*cough* Lance Armstrong *cough*), Silly Bandz took control of the 2000s and gave its pop exterior a friendly new shine. They became an addiction for public school kids, and I'm sure there are still some kids out there who wear them.

  • The O.C. 17 of 20

    The O.C.! Yes, it was all about Seth, Ryan, and Marissa! The early 2000s really made me wish that I lived somewhere in Southern California. Orange County had it all: the beach, the ocean, the money, and the drama! And Seth's dad's eyebrows. But yes, the best part of The O.C. was definitely the first two seasons. My gosh, I'm getting so nostalgic right now, I think I might reserve a night for a total O.C. marathon. Seth was so cute, and Ryan was totally irresistible. And yes, the theme song to this show was awesome, too.

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  • Halo 18 of 20

    HALO. Gosh, when I first started dating my husband, we basically bonded over this game. The decade would be absolutely nothing without the "Halo" series. If it didn't exist, the Xbox would have likely been a clear second-tier console to the Playstation, and online gaming wouldn't be the "n00b-destroying" giant that it is today.

  • Dilemma 19 of 20

    I could not get this song out of my head for like the first 365 days of 2003. Sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce, but the duet of the decade belonged to Nelly and Kelly Rowland for "Dilemma." Let's face it, we all had a "boo" we loved singing this to back in the day!  No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even when I'm with my boo....

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  • YouTube 20 of 20

    The first YouTube videos! I know, 2006 might seem like it was lightyears ago, but it was also the first year I discovered YouTube and began uploading videos like crazy while sending them to my family and friends. Okay, I'll admit that I was no Lonelygirl15 phenomenon, but I do remember uploading a clip of my dog taking a bath as my first video. EXCITING TIMES, I know. These days, I can spend endless hours on YouTube just surfing through other people's channels and even watching a few tutorials while I'm at it, too. And here's a confession for ya: YouTube taught me how to cook! No, seriously.

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