20 Things You Didn't Know About the Duggars

Hollywood’s baby fever has hit reality television, and Michelle Duggar is the star. We can’t help but be fascinated by this woman who recently announced she’s pregnant with her 20th child! That’s half her lifetime spent pregnant (and we thought 40 weeks was long)! We have no idea how she keeps track of her litter — we can barely keep up with them as reality TV characters. To unravel some of the mystery that is TLC’s star family, here are … wait for it … 20 things you probably didn’t know about The Duggar Family …  — Rebecca Bohanan

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  • Joshua James, 23 1 of 20
    Joshua James, 23
    The eldest of the Duggar children has already started a family of his own with wife Anna. They have two youngsters, Mackynzie and Michael, so far, but Josh told Radar that he'd like a whopping 25 kids. I guess someone has to rival mom and dad.
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  • Jana Marie, 21 2 of 20
    Jana Marie, 21
    Jana is twin sister to John-David (older by 3 minutes!) and is learning midwifery, but it has been rumored that she might forgo a career as a midwife for the life of a musician (she plays the harp)! Jana is also often rumored to be engaged, though as far as we know she's not. Possible story line?
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  • John-David, 21 3 of 20
    John-David, 21
    While John may want to be a contractor when he grows up, he's already a hero in the eyes of his family and community. In February of 2010, he saved a little girl's life by performing CPR after she was injured in a car accident. John works as volunteer fireman when he's not holding down the fort at his family's used car dealership.
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  • Jill Michelle, 20 4 of 20
    Jill Michelle, 20
    This sassy Duggar sister is currently taking GE courses from home and hopes to transfer to a university to earn her degree in nursing. She loves Mexican food and the family's trips to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.
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  • Jessa Lauren, 19 5 of 20
    Jessa Lauren, 19
    Jessa was Michelle's largest baby, weighing almost 10 lbs at birth! Often referred to as the "hottest" of the Duggar girls, there is much speculation as to which of the Bates boys (family friends of the Duggars) Jessa will end up marrying. Jessa loves sewing, pickles, and dreams of becoming a beautician.
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  • Jinger Nicole, 17 6 of 20
    Jinger Nicole, 17
    Jinger is a source of envy for her brothers and sisters because she can make more facial expressions than anyone else in the house. We know, we're totally jealous, too. Jinger seems to be the rebel of the family; she'd rather be a photographer or chef than a nurse or midwife. Scandalous!
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  • Joseph Garrett, 16 7 of 20
    Joseph Garrett, 16
    Joseph is the shy jock of the family, preferring to spend his time playing football or baseball over talking to the cameras. He loves lasagna and Dodge trucks. The poor kid probably just wants some quiet time.
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  • Josiah Matthew, 15 8 of 20
    Josiah Matthew, 15
    Remarkably, Josiah is the only kid in the Duggar clan to have broken a bone. A rowdy seven-year-old, Josiah was attempting to climb a tree in cowboy boots and, well, it didn't work. While this natural born entertainer could probably find work as a comedian, his dream is to work for his brothers at their used car dealership.
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  • Joy-Anna, 14 9 of 20
    Joy-Anna, 14
    On the episode featuring Joy-Anna's birthday, dad Jim Bob described her as "pretty fiesty." She loves riding the tandem bike with her brothers and dreams of being a wife and mother.
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  • Jedidiah Robert, 12 10 of 20
    Jedidiah Robert, 12
    Jedidiah is older than his twin brother, Jeremiah, by five whole minutes! Jedidiah loves photography and would like to take some classes as well as learn bass guitar.
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  • Jeremiah Robert, 12 11 of 20
    Jeremiah Robert, 12
    A sensitive soul, Jeremiah dreams of becoming an artist. He loves painting and drawing and is the most skilled Duggar when it comes to crafts. Watch out Martha!
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  • Jason Michael, 11 12 of 20
    Jason Michael, 11
    This little equestrian is clearly responsible beyond his years. His favorite quote is, "A penny saved is a penny earned." His life goal is to cure cancer.
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  • James Andrew, 10 13 of 20
    James Andrew, 10
    James' dream is to enlist in the Navy and fly with the Blue Angels.
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  • Justin Samuel, 8 14 of 20
    Justin Samuel, 8
    Justin loves cleaning and making chicken noodle soup. He's also a natural-born caregiver, watching over his younger siblings.
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  • Jackson Levi, 7 15 of 20
    Jackson Levi, 7
    It's stressful living in a full house, even when you're 7. To relax, Jackson loves himself a decadent bath. (We're with you on that one buddy.)
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  • Johannah Faith, 6 16 of 20
    Johannah Faith, 6
    Johannah is a buddy-in-training, which is the Duggar's way of teaching the older kids to look after their younger siblings. We wonder if she'll past the test this season...
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  • Jennifer Danielle, 4 17 of 20
    Jennifer Danielle, 4
    Little Jennifer is young at heart and still enjoys a good round of peek-a-boo.
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  • Jordyn-Grace Makiya, 2 18 of 20
    Jordyn-Grace Makiya, 2
    Jordyn-Grace is the only Duggar with four names (her full name is Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar). (Because if your family is complicated, your name should be too.)
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  • Josie Brooklyn, 1 19 of 20
    Josie Brooklyn, 1
    Josie is aunt to Mackynzie, Josh's eldest child (who's a whopping 2 months older than her aunt).
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  • Baby on the Way! 20 of 20
    Baby on the Way!
    This little baby is a mystery so far. The only thing we know for sure is that its name will start with a J. Any guesses?
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