21 Famous Disney Character Voices: Who They Are in Real Life

The art of the voice-over is an interesting one. Many times, you’ll recognize the voice but you’d never be able to point out the person attached to said voice in a line-up.

There are certain vocal performances in Disney classics – such as Belle in Beauty in the Beast and  Alice in Alice in Wonderland – that are forever embedded in our minds and memories. But we often have no real world reference as to who the performer is. And in other cases, Disney casts A-list talent, but the story is so strong that you completely forget that such a super star is behind the character on the screen.

We’ve complied a list of 21 Disney characters alongside their real life vocal counterparts from John Travolta to Paige O’Hara to Tate Donovan, check them out here:

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  • Ariel Voiced by Jodi Benson 2 of 22

    Jodi Benson was the speaking and singing voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and you know what? She still has it. The songstress still performs and will occasionally belt out a Little Mermaid classic and she still sounds, and looks, fantastic. 

  • Prince Naveen Voiced by Bruno Campos 3 of 22

    Bruno Campos, known for his work on TV dramas such as ER and Nip/Tuck, lent his voices to the cad Prince Naveen.  But Bruno Campos isn't from Maldonia, he's from Brazil. 

  • Ursula Voiced by Pat Carroll 4 of 22

    Pat Carroll has an Emmy and a Grammy under her belt, but she may be best known for belting out the songs in The Little Mermaid in her role as Ursula. She's also appeared on The Danny Thomas ShowLaverne & Shirley and ER, sans the tentacles. 


  • Prince Eric as Voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes 5 of 22

    Look at the guy on the right, the non-Prince Eric guy. Doesn't he look like he should be a Brady? Well, he was! Christopher Daniel Barnes not only voiced the character of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid but he starred as Greg Brady in the 1995 film remake of The Brady Bunch. 

  • Tiana Voiced by Anika Noni Rose 6 of 22

    Anika Noni Rose brought Tiana of Princess and the Frog to life with her wonderful voice work. She also has a Tony award for Caroline, or Change  and starred in Dreamgirls. 

  • Rapunzel Voiced by Mandy Moore 7 of 22

    I have seen Tangled so, so, so many times, and I always forget that Mandy Moore did the voice of the spunky singing princess Rapunzel.

  • Flynn Ryder Voiced by Zachary Levi 8 of 22

    Before becoming the cad Flynn Ryder, Zachary Levi was known for his role on Chuck. 

  • Bolt as Voiced by John Travolta 9 of 22

    John Travolta has been a greaser, a disco king and he has even starred as a dog. The veteran actor lent his voice to the canine hero of Bolt. 

  • Belle as Voiced by Paige O’Hara 10 of 22

    Real life beauty Paige O'Hara was the voice of the one and only Belle of Beauty and the Beast.  We interviewed Ms. O'Hara last year and she said of her life changing role: "Due to Belle, I have an international level of notoriety, as an actress and a singer and it gives me a lot more opportunity to do charitable work and it has given me financial stability, which as a Broadway actress isn't easy to come by. It's been a Godsend and it's enabled me to be with my husband and to be with family, it's been an amazing experience. I love it."

  • Simba as Voiced by Matthew Broderick 11 of 22

    I always forget that Matthew Broderick played Simba in the Lion King, but really, how could anyone. 

  • Mulan Voiced By Ming-Na Wen 12 of 22

    Ming-Na Wen, known most for her role in ER, was the speaking voice of Mulan, although someone else did the singing. 

  • Jasmine as Voiced by Linda Larkin 13 of 22

    Jasmine's voice in Aladdin was performed by actress Linda Larkin and she continues to perform as Jasmine for spin-off of Aladdin and in video games (and even as Princess Jasmine in Sofia the First). 

  • Pocahontas 14 of 22

    Irene Bedard wasn't just the speaking voice of Pocahontas --she was also the physical model for the animators.  

  • Quasimodo as Voiced by Tom Hulce 15 of 22

    Tom Hulce, of Amadeus and Animal House fame, lent his voice to Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Mother Gothel as Voiced by Donna Murphy 16 of 22

    Broadway actress Donna Murphy played a beautifully sinister Mother Gothel in Tangled. She also has had a slew of TV roles from Law and Order to Ugly Betty

  • Jim Cummings 17 of 22

    My hand got tired scrolling through his IMDB credits, he has got to be one of the busiest voice over artists ever. Not only does he do the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, but he has also appeared - his voice that is - in Princess in the Frog (as Ray), in Shrek and in the role of various characters on Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. 

  • Alice as Voiced by Kathryn Beaumont 18 of 22

    Not only did Kathryn Beaumont do the voice of Alice in Disney's Alice in Wonderland, but she was also the voice of Wendy in Peter Pan. But she'd didn't continue down that actress path, instead she became a teacher. You can check out our interview with her from earlier this year right here. 


  • Sebastian as Voiced by Samuel E. Wright 19 of 22

    Samuel E. Wright has had quite a career as Sebastian voicing many an incarnation of The Little Mermaid, but he's also appeared on The Cosby Show and Law and Order.

  • Jafar as Voiced by Jonathan Freeman 20 of 22

    Tony nominated actor Jonathan Freeman has voiced Jafar for years since he made his evil debut back in Aladdin back 1992. 

  • Hercules as Voiced by Tate Donovan 21 of 22

    Yup, Tate Donovan of Argo, Damages and the O.C., took on the big task of playing Hercules in the Disney film of the same name. 

  • Lilo As Voiced By Daveigh Chase 22 of 22

    Daveigh Chase voiced Lilo of Lilo and Stitch when she was just twelve years old. She went on to star on the TV series Big Love

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