24 Birthday Cakes of the Rich & Famous: Crazy Cakes of the Stars & Their Kids!


Christina Aguilera's Birthday Cake!


Who doesn’t love a birthday cake? It’s just one of those ways that makes that special day a wee bit sweeter…literally. And while many of us get our birthday cakes from the Piggly Wiggly, Safeway or Costco, or we use a Betty Crocker mix. But celebrities? They don’t roll that way. They don’t bake from a box or go to a big box store, they invest in extravagant bakery masterpieces for their kids or themselves.  We’re talking epically awesome towers of fondant, cream and cake.

Check out these 24 celebrity birthday cakes…which one is your favorite?

  • Suri Cruise 1 of 23
    This is the giant cake made for Suri Cruise's 2nd birthday!
    Source: PacificCoastNews.com
  • Lil Wayne Cake for Alec Baldwin’s Daughter! 2 of 23
    Guess Ireland Baldwin is quite the Lil Wayne fan!
  • Soleil Moon Frye 3 of 23
    Soleil loved her cake and put an image on Twitter of the creation. Very sweet!
  • Victoria Beckham 4 of 23
    Victoria has some very posh cupcakes make for her birthday. Very chic and fashionista.
  • Kendra Wilkinson 5 of 23
    For her 26th Birthday Kendra was presented with this colorful cake.
    Source= PacificCoastNews.som
  • Real Housewives Kid Bday! 6 of 23
    Teresa Giudice's daughter Miliania celebrated her 3rd birthday with a pink sunflower cake.
  • Cruz Beckham 7 of 23
    His parents David and Victoria Beckham once threw him a Spiderman themed party so this cake was the perfect fit. Created by Nichola Giles-Larkin. Source
  • Betsey Johnson 8 of 23
    Now that is a Betsey Johnson style cake!
    Source: PR Photos
  • Cher Birthday Cake 9 of 23
    Looks like this could double as an album cover. By Freed's Bakery in Las Vegas.
  • Jamie Foxx 10 of 23

    Time to eat Jamie Foxx's face! By Freed's Bakery in Vegas. Source
  • Ludacris 11 of 23

    Freed's Bakery went with a Vegas theme for this star rapper and actor. Source
  • Mike Tyson 12 of 23

    The king of the ring gets a crown on his cake. Again, by Freed's Bakery. Source
  • Birthday Cake 13 of 23
    This was a custom cake made for Christian Combs 12th birthday, son of Sean "P Diddy" Combs."
  • Tori Spelling’s Sons’ Cake 14 of 23
    Liam got this amazing Ghostbusters cake for his last birthday!
  • Tori Spelling’s Daughter’s Cake 15 of 23
    Tori Spelling's daughter Stella got the girliest cake ever!
  • Denise Richards’ Girls 16 of 23
    Looks like Denise Richards' girl like purple!
  • Britney Spears Circus Cake 17 of 23
    Pretty epic cake for Miss Britney!
  • Common 18 of 23
    Common got this super cool boom box birthday cake from the club Haze. Photo: PR Photos
  • Stepdad Ashton Kutcher 19 of 23
    Ashton Kutcher got this hilarious birthday cake.
  • Kate Hudson’s son Ryder 20 of 23
    Kate Hudson's four year old son Ryder Robinson's got this superhero birthday cake.
    Source: PacificCoastNews.com
  • Suri’s First Birthday 21 of 23
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ordered 16 of these identical custom mini-cakes for Suri's first birthday party.
    Photo: PacificCoastNews.com
  • Brooke Shields 22 of 23
    Mom Brooke Shields was pleasantly surprised with this birthday cake.
  • Angelina Jolie 23 of 23
    Angie created the No-Bake cake for her kids once. It's a store bought sheet cake that you put cookies and cupcakes on. You can get the directions right here.

Photo: Flickr

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