25 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Get Inspired!

I’m having a bit of a dilemma, I didn’t think I was going to dress up this Halloween but as it turns out, my company has been requested at a party this weekend, and it’s one of those  “costume mandatory” parties. Now I am currently in the midst of a last minute rush to find something fun, cool, and hopefully awesome to wear.So far, I’ve found that this is a bit of a challenge.

If you go to many of the Halloween superstores that pop-up around our land, all that they have in stock are of the “sexy maid,” “sexy Smurf” or “sexy Big Bird” variety, these might appropriate for women in their early twenties who can pull it off, but how about the rest of us? How about us moms? There isn’t much in stock for us.

I needed some inspiration, and being that I am part of team Famecrawler, I thought I’d look to the actresses, entertainers and superstar parents that I cover each and every day for ideas. And there are a few that I not only like, but that I love!

Check out these awesome celebrity Halloween costumes right here. Which one to you think is the best?

  • Kelly Ripa 1 of 25
    Kelly Ripa
    Kelly Ripa lives out her Toddlers and Tiaras dreams in her Honey Boo Boo style pageant gear, and you know what? She looked adorable! I'd totally give her a crown.
  • Sofia Vergara 2 of 25
    Sofia Vergara
    Even though Sofia Vergara has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, she didn't use the day to wear something skimpy (like so many do). Instead, last year, Sofia went as an Angry Bird! Love it!
  • Nicole RIchie 3 of 25
    Nicole RIchie
    Not only did Nicole Richie look hot, but she looked totally comfortable in her bold pink tracksuit, giving her best J-Lo power pose.
  • Kate Beckinsale as the Devil 4 of 25
    Kate Beckinsale as the Devil
    Kate Beckinsale looked red hot and devilish in her Satan inspired outfit. Hubby Len Wiseman was devilish himself (with an impressive mask), while her daughter looked lovely in her vintage red gown.
  • Kate Beckinsale as Little Red RIding Hood 5 of 25
    Kate Beckinsale as Little Red RIding Hood
    Yes, Kate Beckinsale really gets into the whole Halloween thing. Here she is dressed as an adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume while hubby Len was some sort of skeleton guy and her daughter was dressed beautifully as Marie Antoinette.
  • Pink 6 of 25
    How can you make a clown look both cute and sexy? Look no further than Pink, she shows us how it is done!
  • Madonna 7 of 25
    I'm not sure if Madonna was dressed up to be any teenage girl or if she just raided her daughter's closet. But it's pretty amazing that a woman over the age of 50 could pull this off! Awesome!
  • Gwen Stefani 8 of 25
    Gwen Stefani
    Gwen Stefani does an amazing job dressed as Jessie from Toy Story. She could rent herself out for birthday parties or to do a couple shifts at Disneyland!
  • Kate Beckinsale as Adam Ant 9 of 25
    Kate Beckinsale as Adam Ant
    Full disclosure, I was once Adam Ant for Halloween, so I totally get this outfit and, of course, LOVE it. That year Len went as The Crow and her daughter Lily went as Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show .
  • Alyson Hannigan 10 of 25
    Alyson Hannigan
    When daughter Satyana was just a baby, Alyson Hannigan and her went as a mommy kangaroo and her baby. Is that not the cutest thing ever?
  • Jessica Alba 11 of 25
    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba did a great job dressing up as Dora the Explorer! And her hubby Cash Warren dressed up as Diego. Such a great couple's costume idea!
  • David Arquette 12 of 25
    David Arquette
    It makes total sense that David Arquette would dress as Elvis for Halloween. You know he kept this costume!
  • Liv Tyler 13 of 25
    Liv Tyler
    I love Liv Tyler's outfit, I have no idea what she is supposed to be but it's cool!
  • Kate Beckinsale as The Brider of Frankenstein 14 of 25
    Kate Beckinsale as The Brider of Frankenstein
    At this point in the game, I think I have to name Kate Beckinsale as the queen of Halloween. She really does come up with some awesome outfits.
  • Alyson Hannigan 15 of 25
    Alyson Hannigan
    This is adorable, totally adorable. Sure one is a toy soldier, one is Raggedy Ann and the other is a sock monkey, but the trio all seem to compliment each other.
  • Bethenny Frankel 16 of 25
    Bethenny Frankel
    Getting in touch with her inner teenage girl, Bethenny Frankel once went as a Hello Kitty lovin' girly girl!
  • Heidi Klum 17 of 25
    Heidi Klum
    This has got to be one of the creepiest, yet coolest, celebrity costumes ever. When she came to the red carpet for her Halloween party, Heidi even arrived on a gurney with "doctors" by her side. Crazy!
  • Kelly Ripa & Nick Lachey 18 of 25
    Kelly Ripa & Nick Lachey
    Last year Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey went with one of the day's hot topics and dressed as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries. I love that Nick Lachey wore stilts!
  • Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart 19 of 25
    Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart
    If I hadn't put the headline "Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart," is there any way you would have been able to guess who these two were? Yeah, I thought not.
  • Alyson Hannigan 20 of 25
    Alyson Hannigan
    Yes, Alyson Hannigan and her family get another mention on this list, their costumes are always so cute! It's her, her hubby and their little pumpkin!
  • Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin 21 of 25
    Lisa Rinna &  Harry Hamlin
    Lisa Rinna really can pull of Lucille Ball! And really all Harry Hamlin had to do was show up in a suit, her costume did all the work for them both.
  • Brooke Burke & David Charvet 22 of 25
    Brooke Burke & David Charvet
    Brooke Burke did a great family costume years back. I love that they all went with the same theme.
  • Busy Philipps 23 of 25
    Busy Philipps
    You are never too old to dress as Tinker Bell! Here Busy Philipps dresses as our favorite fairy, as does her daughter.
  • Dean Mc Dermott & Liam 24 of 25
    Dean Mc Dermott & Liam
    Another adorable example of parent/ kid matching outfits. Liam is totally Dean Mc Dermott's mini-me!
  • Snooki 25 of 25
    Before she said goodbye to the Jersey Shore, before she became a mom, Snooki was, yes, a pickle. Hilarious!

Photos: PR Photos and PacificCoastNews


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