4th of July Fashion — Inspired By Our Founding Fathers!


We here in America are about to celebrate the 4th of July. And while many will don red, white and blue by default, there is a whole ‘nother way to embrace your patriotism. How? Why, by dressing like one of our founding fathers, of course!

While 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence, history calls just seven of these men “the founding fathers“: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. At first you may think dressing like a founding father will just make you look old and frumpy, but you’ll be surprised at the stylish outfits they’ve inspired! And since we’re celebrating the Fourth of July, we also threw in an outfit inspired by Uncle Sam, because why not? Check out our star-spangled looks below:

  • George Washington 1 of 18

    The first president of our country wasn't just a political pioneer, but a stylish one too.

    Photo Source: Pocantico Hills

  • A George Washington-Inspired Outfit 2 of 18

    We stayed true to the light yellow and black riding style that Washington wore with this very wearable tribute:

    For the jacket we found this Alexander McQueen flared, structured coat for (gulp) $3253. Buy here.

    The light-yellow "Nico" jeans are from Hudson and have a mid-rise, super-skinny fit. They retail for $154. Buy here. 


    The shirt is a classic white, silk-crepe blouse from Iris & Ink that retails for $125. Buy here. 


    To pay tribute to the epaulettes on Washington's coat, we found these Noir Jewelry Darjeeling chandelier earrings for $145. Buy here.


    Of course, to complete our Washington look we needed a pair of riding boots! These are from Gucci and retail for $1235. Buy here.

  • Ben Franklin 3 of 18

    How can you NOT be inspired by Ben Franklin? But this time, instead of being inspired by his achievements, we're taking a look at his style.

    Photo Source: Wikicommons


  • A Ben Franklin-Inspired Outfit 4 of 18
    ben Franklin

    We paid tribute to Ben Franklin's gray portrait with this chic ensemble.

    First, we started with a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jabot bow cotton-blend shirt. Buy here for $200.

    We topped that with the beautifully cut Maison Martin Margiela cap-sleeve wool and silk-blend jacket. Buy here for $947.

    We gave our Franklin-inspired outfit a pair of Frame Denim Le Luxe Noir stretch-satin twill skinny jeansBuy here for $209.

    To add a bit of fashion-forward style, we threw in a pair of Camilla Skovgaard textured-leather cutout boots. Buy here for $340.

    And to finish off the ensemble we found this fitting piece of bling: a rhinestone-covered pendant of Ben himself. Buy here for $39.95



  • Thomas Jefferson 5 of 18

    Not only was Jefferson one of the founding fathers, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president of the United States, but he was one dashing fellow.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • A Thomas Jefferson-Inspired Outfit 6 of 18

    Based on the portrait of Jefferson we used for inspiration, we gave our Jefferson outfit a yellow Oscar de la Renta sleeveless chiffon blouse with ruffle that costs $990. Buy here.

    As another nod to the yellow we found this Michael Kors Wool-crepe A-line skirt that costs $349. Buy here.

    We covered up with a blue, double-breasted jacket from Burberry that goes for $990. Buy here.

    And to pay tribute to the man himself, we found this Thomas Jefferson quote necklace charm from Etsy for $8.50. Buy here.

  • John Hancock 7 of 18

    John Hancock didn't just show off his style with his penmanship. He was quite a stylish dandy as well.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • A John Hancock-Inspired Outfit 8 of 18
    John Hancock

    To pay tribute to Hancock's navy blue suit, we found this Temperley London Long Aureila Kaftan that goes for $1470. Buy here.


    We gave our Hancock a Sophie Hulme embellished wool coat that retails for $768. Buy here.


    We gave a nod to the gold detailing on Hancock's jacket with this stack of Amrita Singh Reema Bangles that are sold as a set for $100. Buy here. 


    To finish the outfit is a gold fountain pen necklace to pay homage to John Hancock's famous signature. This necklace — available from Etsy — sells for $30. Buy here.


  • John Adams 9 of 18

    John Adams, our second president, was a very accomplished statesman, diplomat, and lawyer. A true historical icon — and now we're looking to him as a style icon as well.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • A John Adams-Inspired Outfit 10 of 18
    john adams

    As a nod to the greenish hue of John Adam's jacket, we found this Isabel Marant tie-dye, silk-jersey dress for $201. Buy here.


    Instead of ruffles, we went a little more simple and sleek with a J.Crew linen scarf for $50. Buy here.


    The round buttons on his jacket inspired our choice of these Kenneth Cole New York stud earrings for $42. Buy here.


    And being that John Adams was the second president, we found this number-two necklace from Liberty of London for $585. Buy here.


  • James Madison 11 of 18

    James Madison looks so very proper and serious here, doesn't he? He was a statesman, a political theorist, and the fourth president of the US.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • A James Madison-Inspired Outfit 12 of 18

    To honor James Madison's dark suit and white ruffles we found this Alexander McQueen turtleneck jersey dress for $2243. Buy here.



    Another nod to the white ruffles is this Marni statement necklace that goes for $470. Buy here.


    And since James Madison was the fourth president of the US, we finished the outfit off with this Lulu Frost number-four ring, which costs $440. Buy here.

  • Alexander Hamilton 13 of 18

    Alexander Hamilton also founded our nation's financial system — and he dressed for success!

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • An Alexander Hamilton-Inspired Outfit 14 of 18

    To pay tribute to the mint and gold in Hamilton's portrait we found this Karen Millen leather jacket for $630. Buy here.  


    We paired the jacket with these aul & Joe Pakret metallic jacquard pants for $435. Buy here.


    Finally, we finished the outfit with this Merona lace and fringe scarf from Target for $15. Buy here.

  • John Jay 15 of 18

    While the other founding fathers are practically household names, John Jay didn't become as historically famous. There is no money with his mug on it and he never became president, but he's still a very important figure: he was the first chief justice in the U.S.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • A John Jay-Inspired Outfit 16 of 18
    JOhn Jay

    To honor Jay's red and black judicial robes, we went with this Oscar de la Renta silk-taffeta trapeze gown for $1295. Buy here. 


    We topped that with this Michael Kors cape for $690. Buy here.


    To reflect the gold in his robe we paired the outfit with this Mettle the Backbone brass necklace for $37. Buy here.


    And we finished the outfit off with a pair of J.Crew Kira metallic sandals for $138. Buy here.


  • Uncle Sam 17 of 18

    He may be fictional, but Uncle Sam has become an icon who stands for all these men and our country.

    Photo Source: Wiki Commons

  • An Uncle Sam-Inspired Outfit 18 of 18
    Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam is all about red, white and blue. We found this gorgeous blue Roberto Collina blazer for $227 from Buy here.


    For the white we went with this Oasis frill collar shirt for $53. Buy here.


    For the red we found this cute satin tuxedo bow tie for $8.95. Buy here.


    And to finish the outfit off we used this Lone Star headband for $15. Buy here.


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