5 Ideas for Jon Gosselin's New Book

Jon GosselinRest easy everyone – Jon Gosselin has taken to his twitter page to put to rest rumours that his new book will not be a parenting book! Gosselin tweeted on Wednesday that ” Just to clear the air, I am not writing a parenting book. I am not at liberty to discuss what my book is about yet.”

A friend of the father of 8 says that “Jon is still deciding what exactly the book will be about, but knows he wants to focus on his parenting skills, There is no deal yet or timeline, but the [interest] in Jon from publishers is huge right now, so he’s going to strike while the iron is hot.”

Well, while Jon & Kate Plus 8 was still on air, Jon did appear to be a loving father, but I am very happy to hear that his book won’t be parenting focused, as parenting seems to be the least of his priorities since his split with Kate. Here’s a few ideas for Jon on what his book could be about;



How To Make Money Without Actually Working – Place Twitter Ads!
Can anyone tell me the last time Jon Gosselin held down a job? I mean – what does he do everyday? Oh yeah, he tweets! Jon has taken to placing twitter ads and promoting little known websites in return for sponsorship dollars. I have a hard time believing that those twitter ads are lucrative enough to support 8 children though. Pretty sure he has enough spare time on his hands to get a real job!

How To Embarrass Your Children By Your Choices in Girlfriends
Somewhere along the line someone forgot to tell Jon Gosselin that although his children are young now – at some point they’ll be able to read all about their father’s embarrassing dating track record following his split with Kate. From the college girls, to the party girls – to all the girls in between – why is it so hard for Jon to find someone his own age???? I feel sorry for those kids the day someone tells them to google ‘Hailey Glassman’!

How To Screw Up Potential Business Deals
Remember when Jon Gosselin was rumoured to be in negotiations to partner with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier? He even went so far as to travel to St. Tropez with the designer on vacation. But then he insisted on bringing his ‘stylist’ who also happened to be his party girl girlfriend, Hailey Glassman and all of a sudden, there was no partnership. Remember that? I bet Jon does. And while Ed Hardy isn’t my cup of tea, I have to assume it pays more than placing ads for butt paste on Twitter.

How To Be Fiscally Irresponsible
You would think that having 8 children would mean that you would need to be a responsible adult, but not so for Jon! Even if you’re Anti-Kate you must admit that Jon is nothing more than a child himself. During his years on Jon & Kate he wasn’t able to carry out a simple task without Kate having to walk him through it, and since the divorce he has gotten himself in financial and legal woes. Not only did he take money out of the account he and Kate shared, but he borrowed money from ex-girlfriend Glassman to pay it back – and has conveniently failed to pay her back. Something she’s not too happy about either – judging from her twitter feed.  Let’s hope those twitter ads start to pay off soon!

How Not To Make Friends!
Who can forget Jon’s infamous friendship with other pseudo-celebrity loser-dad, Michael Lohan? Ah yes, Jon hooked up with Michael Lohan right after his separation from Kate, resulting in his linking to the ‘other’ Kate – Kate Major. You know, the one who quit her job with the tabloid because she was ‘dating’ Gosselin, then went on to get engaged to Lohan. There was also rumours swirling that Lohan and Jon were pitching their own reality show called the ‘Divorced Dads Club’. Yeah, hard to believe that one didn’t get picked up.

So what do you think Jon Gosselin should write his book about?


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