5 Reasons Disney's Gravity Falls Totally Rules

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I have a confession. Most television shows developed for the consumption of children aren’t just annoying to me, but to my very entertainment savvy daughter as well. She can’t stand Dora, she wished SpongeBob would get his act together, and although we tried, she just can’t get down with Yo Gabba Gabba. But there is one cartoon that she not only likes, but loves. And you know what? We do too, perhaps even more than her.

The show in question is Disney’s Gravity Falls. We, as a family, have watched the episodes many, and I mean many, times over thanks to the easy access of On Demand. Which is a great way to watch as we wait for the next episode (rumored to be airing on June 26th).

So what makes this Disney show so great? Here are 5 reason why Gravity Falls totally rules:

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  • The Characters 2 of 6

    This past Halloween my daughter wanted to dress as Mabel for Halloween. But that outfit would just basically consist of a purple skirt, a wacky image on a sweater and a hairband. I figured that no one would "get" what she was. She then suggested that I, her mother, dress as Dipper and her dad dress as Grunkle Stan. Needless to say, neither of us could really pull off those looks. But a girl could dream right? But this just proves that the characters on Gravity Falls are very well defined, charismatic, and unforgettable. At least she didn't want me to be Mabel's pet pig.

  • The Stories 3 of 6

    So you've got great, well drawn characters (both in physically and personality-wise), but that's just part of the magic. You need a great story too. Gravity Falls brings both to the TV screen. One of the things we love about the show is that it almost seems like it's written for adults but with kids very much in mind. It can be irreverent and edgy, but stays age-appropriate without being dumbed down; each and every episode has some sort of wit and wisdom within it.

    We would be hard pressed to pick a favorite episode of Gravity Falls, but one of them has got to be the above pictured  Fight Fighters, where Dipper makes video game characters come to life. A close secong would have to be Double Dipper. It's another totally enthralling, well written, clever and hilarious episodes. Both of which are regularly available on On Demand.

  • More Than Just On TV 4 of 6

    After you've hit the On Demand function over and over and watched the episodes again and again, there is more fun to be had. Our family has rallied around the computer and elbowed each other out of the way to play the various Gravity Falls games that are offered on the Disney Channel website from Mystery Tour Ride to Attic Stuff Golf. You can join in on the fun right here.


  • The Look and Feel 5 of 6

    One of the things that is really alluring about Gravity Falls is the style of the animation. It can be eerie, it can be edgy and it's visually always entertaining. I just wish we could actually visit the Mystery Shack.

  • Their Office Looks Like This 6 of 6

    So, I mentioned we were big fans of the show, right? Yes, yes I did. I have a dear old friend who works at Disney Animation and we got to stop by the Gravity Falls office to check it out. This is what it looks like. Yes, they have a full size buffalo wearing a fishing hat and a beaver wearing a scarf in their bunker. Totally offbeat, totally odd and totally Gravity Falls. And that's my daughter riding the buffalo. Yes, that happened.


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