5 Reasons to Go See Oz The Great and Powerful


You’ve seen the ads, you’ve seen the commercials, you’ve read all the press, but now you can finally see the real thing. On Friday, in theaters everywhere, Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful opened, taking audiences down the yellow brick road to a land full of magic, Munchkins, witches, and an amazing cast of characters. Need more reasons why you should rush out to the theaters to see Oz?  Here are five reasons why!

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  • It is Gorgeous. 2 of 6
    It is Gorgeous.
    I have to say, Oz the Great and Powerful is one of the most stunning, visually stimulating and most awe-inspiring treat for the eyes ever to hit the big screen. The look and feel of the film was created by the incredibly talented Robert Stromberg, who won the Oscar for both his work on Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderful and Avatar. And while the cast worked on beautifully crafted real sets, the filmmakers also did some very unique blue screen effects that gave the film detail, depth and a dreamy quality. The bad part? Oz doesn't exist. After seeing the film you will really want to pay it a visit. But hey, you can go see the film again anytime and travel back to Oz.
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    It has an Amazing Cast
    Stepping on to the stunning sets was an equally gorgeous cast. As Oz you've got James Franco, in the role of the witches you have Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz, all amazingly talented, scene stealing, and gorgeous. But two of my favorite characters are Finley the flying monkey played by Zach Braff and China Girl playing by China Girl. They offer not just comic relief, a certain sweetness but there is just something so magical and and delightful in watching a bell hop uniforming wearing monkey with wings and a blue girl made of porcelain travel down the yellow brick road.
  • It Has Heart 4 of 6
    It Has Heart
    Friendship, love, patience, searching for greatness, the triumph of the underdog, the creative spirit alongside magic, flying monkeys and the yellow brick road.
  • It has it all… 5 of 6
    It has it all...
    Oz is many things. It is a redemption story, a love story, a journey to another land over the rainbow. It is a fantasy film, a suspense film, an adventure film, a romance, and last but not least a family film. If the story doesn't grab you, the visuals will. It's one of those films that will not disappoint. But I would warn that it probably wouldn't be good for kids under the age of 8 (the flying monkeys are far creepier than the already nightmare inducing original Wizard of Oz) and there are a couple parts that will make anyone jump a bit in their seats. I asked my daughter (who is in first grade) her opinion after we saw a preview to see if she thought her classmates would like it. She said, "no, I think it would be too scary, I think Caroline and Mia would like it but the rest would be too scared. But I think the 2nd graders wouldn't be too scarred. They should see it." But as with any family film, you'll need to decide for yourself.
  • Because it is not just great but also powerful. 6 of 6
    Because it is not just great but also powerful.
    A film that has so many elements to embrace and enjoy are far and few between. Oz The Great and Powerful is one of those films. It is a movie that has the spectacle and extravagnce to keep your eyes wide open and the a story to keep you engaged and charmed from beginning to end.

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