5 Secrets About Secret of the Wings! Tinker Bell's Newest Film

Our favorite fairy will be flying back onto our TV and into our hearts on October 23rd with the release of Secret of the Wings, the newest installment in the very popular, and beloved, Tinker Bell Disney Fairies series.

And here, in preparation for the new dose of cuteness from Disney animation, are five secrets of Secret of the Wings.

Check them out here!

1) Tinker Bell has a secret!
Her secret, which she discovers in the film and is the main turning point of the story, is that Tinker Bell  has a sister. But here is another little secret for you, when they started the project the new fairy wasn’t going to be her sister. Director Peggy Holmes talked about the origins of Periwinkle saying:

“We originally created Periwinkle, she was not Tink’s sister. It was a girl like, like when I was in the first day of kindergarten or like the first day at a job. There’s always someone you gravitate toward and you don’t know why yet. You know what I mean? And then as you get to be better friends you realize why.  They complete your life in a way that maybe another kid doesn’t complete your life that way. So originally that is how we developed the story and it just wasn’t having as much emotional impact.”

2) The Secrets of the Wings team really likes to do their homework
The Secret of the Wings team really counts on research. To create the gorgeous winter pallet they enlisted the help of Tom Painter, a “doctor of snow.” The director credited him for helping develop the the snowy world in the film. She added a funny story about working with “Dr. Snow” saying, ” honestly, we always tell this story, that we would call him because maybe a story idea would rise and I’d wanna call Tom and see can I do this, is this possible? And literally we—he goes hi! Whoooo! And you’re always like, Tom? Yeah! Whoooo. I gotta question. Whoooo. Okay. And I’m like, where are you? And he goes I’m taking a class down the snow hill. Like he’s like skiing in Utah with a class of people teaching them about snow glisten or something like that.” The team also talked to experts on twins and jet propulsion to make the story as real as possible (in a world of make-believe fairies that is.).

3) The secrets of Periwinkle
Periwinkle has a couple different secrets besides being Tinker Bell’s sister. Perwinkle’s look was very  inspired by nature as Character Designer Ritsuko Notani stated, “When I started to think about her personality, her face and the body shape,” Ritsuko says, “the inspiration was a twig or an icicle.” Also inspirations were plants and leaves such as the silvery and soft Lamb’s Ear. And Periwinkle has some very stylish friends like hair designer to the stars, Ken Paves (who is known for working with such stars as Giuliana Rancic, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Simpson).

4) You will enjoy this movie.
Here is a secret about me, I have always had a soft spot for Tinkerbell. She’s adorable, feisty, loyal and has a whole lot of ingenuity. When I was a teenager, no, not a little girl, I would collect little figurines, charms and images of Tinkerbell. I just thought she was cool. Secret of the Wings did not disappoint an old school Tinker Bell fan like me.  One of the things that I, personally, really appreciated about the film was the fluidity of the movements of not just the characters but of entire film itself. And there is a reason why this is so, the director Peggy Holmes was a choreographer. At times she would even dance out some of Tinker Bell’s actions for the animators. And here’s a piece of trivia for you, Holmes choreographed the cult movie Newsies!

5) My daughter loves the movie
You may wonder why this is a secret, but I’ve had to keep her silent that she has seen the film before it was released.  But that’s just to her friends, but I can tell you what she thought of the movie. Her “review”?
“It’s cool.
It’s interesting.
It’s beautiful.
It’s cool that they added new characters.
Periwinkle is really pretty.
I wanna see it again, mommy can we?”

She’s six so she isn’t gonna wax poetic with her film reactions. But I’m will say, I agree with her.





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