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On Tuesday, at the gorgeous El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, Disney Interactive unveiled their brand new project; a project aptly named Infinity. John Lasseter could not mask his giddiness while he showed off this brand new piece of Disney magic. At this point you may be asking yourself, what is “Infinity” besides the dictionary definition of being endless and everlasting. Disney’s Infinity is a new multi-platform gaming “world,” (for lack of a better word).  It’s part-Sims, part-Skylander, part-Minecraft, part-awesome. But best of all, Infinity is an innovative, pioneering and brand spanking new way to engage with beloved Disney/Pixar characters.  Think of it as a limitless interactive mash-up incorporating all things Disney. Woody racing Buzz Lightyear? Sure! Wreck-it Ralph exploring a new land with Phineas Flynn? Why not! Jack Skellington cold-chillin’ with Jack Sparrow and building their own Disney ride? Of course!

So at this point you might want, nay, need more information. Here are the five things you need to know about Disney’s Infinity:

  • There Are Toys! 1 of 5
    There Are Toys!
    One of the main things about Infinity are the figures. These small and intricate figures represent a whole slew of Disney and Pixar characters from movies to TV from Jack Sparrow to Ferb Flynn. These figures are integral to the Infinity experience and will be, surely, a big thing that fans can — and will — collect. The toys connect onto the base that comes with the starter kit. As John Lassater said, his inner "nerd" came out when checking out the figures. Yup, they're pretty awesome.
  • The Starter Kit 2 of 5
    The Starter Kit
    When the game launches in June 2013, it will be offered as a starter kit that includes Sulley from Monsters Inc., Mr. Incredible and Jack Sparrow. There will be twenty other characters available at launch and more coming soon after. Above is a rendering of the Sulley character. At the bottom of the figure (Skylander style) there is chip, that is recognized by the reader. After placing the toy, you can engage in the game.
  • The Toy Box 3 of 5
    The Toy Box
    So this is where the real fun, and creativity, comes into play. The toy box. As John Lasseter said, "creativity is playing, playing is creativity". The two go hand in hand. And in this Infinity toy box, you can build, play and have fun. You can, as Mr. Lasseter says get "more nutty," "more insane," get the "craziest you can be with it," and with "characters that you know and love."
  • Different Ways To Play 4 of 5
    Different Ways To Play
    There are endless choices, an "infinity" of choices as you might say. You can play in the character's natural habitat (as illustrated with Jack Sparrow above) or you can explore in a more free-range style. You can go on adventures, where you can engage in combat. You can go into a building mode where you can do such things as build castles to race tracks. And you can create. You can create your own experiences and then share them with others (which we'll get into in the next slide).
  • Share! 5 of 5
    And what's the use of building and creating if you can't share or how John Lasseter put it, "show off" what you've made? Not only is Disney's Infinity multi-player (there is a four player network play functionality) but you can upload your creations to a Disney mainframe, and after it's reviewed, can be shared with the world of Infinity users. Your land can just keep on growing and growing, to, well infinity…and beyond!

Read how excited our own Whit Honea is about Disney’s Infinity right here.

Photo Source: Disney Interactive


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