5 Wildest Things Charlie Sheen Said on Last Sheen's Korner (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen Sheen's Korner

Charlie Sheen unleashed more of his vim, vigor and vitriol onto the world in the form of his third and apparently last Sheen’s Korner video for Ustream.  His live message was all about insulting the creators and management of the show Two and a Half Men. He only had kind things to say one player who he invited to “come dance in my gold.” The rest of them? “Liars and fools, all of them.

So what were the five wildest Sheenisms that came out of Tuesday night’s manifesto?

“Edgar Allen Me,” which is apt since he composed his whole message as if he was schooled in the Bukowski school of poetry.

“There has been global speak of my tiger blood. And it’s real. As real as me…My precious tiger blood to be extracted to those who deserve it.”

Addressed to Chuck Lorre:

“Can you smell your mother’s tears…why this feeble abortion  (Chuck Lorre) survived.”

“Can you smell it chuck? If sad and stupid had an odor it would be you.”

“You are no match for this warlock”

Want to add more to the list? You can watch the whole thing right here!

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