9/11: 11 Celebrities Whose Birthday Falls on September 11

Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble

Your birthday is generally a day of celebration with cake, presents, balloons and perhaps a flower or two. It’s a happy day. But what about if your birthday just happened to fall on a September 11th? Your once non-exceptional birthday suddenly is loaded with the thoughts of sadness and sorrow about what happened on 9/11. But there is nothing you can do to change that. Like taxes, your eye color and growing older, you’re just stuck with it.

So what celebrities were born on September 11th? And what celebrity parent welcomed a baby girl just last year on 9/11?

1. Virginia Madsen

Academy Award Nominated actress Virginia Madsen was born on September 11, 1961.

2. Ludacris

Rapper Ludacris was born September 11 in 1977.

3. Ben Lee

Musician Ben Lee and husband of actress Ione Skye was born on September 11, 1978.

4. Maria Bartiromo

News anchor and finance wiz Maria Bartiromo was born on September 11, 1967.

5. Scott Patterson

Known for his role as Luke on the Gilmore Girls, Scott Patterson was born on September 11, 1958.

6. Moby

Musician Moby was born on September 11, 1965.

7. Kristy McNichol

Kristy McNichol of Family and Little Darlings fame was born on September 11, 1962.

8. E.G. Daily

Known for her voice over work from the Rugrats to the Power Puff Girls, E.G. Daily was born on September 11, 1961.

9. Mickey Hart

Greatful Dead drummer Mickey Hart was born on September 11, 1943.

10. Brian De Palma

Director Brian De Palma (pictured here with Scarlett Johnsson) was born on September 11, 1940.

11. Mario Lopez’s Daughter

Gia Francesca Lopez, the daughter of Mario Lopez was born on September 11, 2010.


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